Get Fit Right with FIT CAMP PH

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I’d be quite honest in saying that I’m not really in good shape. No shame in admitting that, but it also makes plain a truth: that I really need to exercise more. And that realization also comes with a problem, in wondering how best to ease me into the workout habit in particular to cut down my weight and my waist. I get the feeling that such an effort may need the guiding hand of somebody who knows much about safely slimming down and shaping up, a personal fitness trainer. But I’m also rather busy what with my blogging and other business commitments that just eat into what free time I might have to get fit. So while on a trip to Cebu I happened to learn about one very special place that could very well solve my exercise problems and get me to enjoy every moment of it.

At Camp Lalulapu in Lahug, Cebu City I encountered FITCAMP PH, a functional and performance training facility that caters to a fast and steadily growing fitness community. They boast a roughly 200sqm fully equipped training center that offers fitness boot camps, personal training and nutrition consultation, geared for people of all ages and physical size or condition. Their featured exercise programs can be specifically tailored for recreational and holistic fitness in order to keep in shape or for a more intensive training for sports athletes aiming to improve their performance up to a higher level.

Fitcamp PH Cebu is located in a compound that is close to nature, with an outdoor space framed by greenery and shade trees, and the grounds carpeted with grass just right for exercises and activities in the open air. This is just the welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for FITCAMP PH’s usual exercise and physical training clients, business people and entrepreneurs who arrive to shape up and wind down after working hours. At any other time they’d probably be not in a mood to work up a sweat in conditioning, but thanks to Fitcamp PH and their team of qualified and dedicated physical fitness coaches, that won’t be a problem.

The interior of their main workout building is laid out with a comfortable training surface and tumbling mats, filled with the latest in fitness equipments and exercise aids, from weights shaped for different muscle exercises, dumbbells and barbells, large tires and exercise balls. FITCAMP PH boasts having a solid 40 to 50 premium members, and they are guaranteed to be in the capable hands of the center’s cadre of personal trainers who know their field and will make sure their students exercise properly and safely while helping them get faster, harder, stronger and fitter.

But there’s more to FITCAMP PH than just their specialty of individual personal instruction. They also hold regular fitness boot camps with different exercise themes every single day of the week. A sample of their thematic workout routine is the “Power Tuesday” regimen with warm-up squats or pushups, workload menus of step-ups and lifting, metabolic activities such as slamming into a dynaball, and cool-down stretching.

But working the body is only one part of the battle, and FITCAMP PH has got the other portion covered with their nutrition consultations. Now you can get some expert advice on what to eat (or avoid) so you can either slim and tone, or develop some muscle power. Still, if you think that this is pretty much that is offered when you sign up for FITCAMP PH then boy, are you in for a treat. The center also offers more esoteric exercises like yoga classes, definitely for those looking to get limber and flexible.

Gym hours at FITCAMP PH Cebu have the whole week open for you, Weekdays from 6AM to 8PM, Saturdays from 10AM to 6PM, and Sundays from 6AM to 12 noon. Go ahead and visit them at Camp Lapulapu in Lahug, Cebu City. Or you can contact them by landline at +6332-4062869, mobile at +63915-5866124, or email at INFO@FITCAMP.PH. Finally, visit their website at or their Facebook page at Getting fit has never been so awesome with FITCAMP PH. They also offer Free Trial!


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