MORGAN WALLEN Sings a Hit about “THE WAY I TALK” in Debut EP

Morgan Wallen

There nothing quite better than the feeling you get when you encounter or hear of a performer whose performances are just so unbelievably resonant with you that you know you have to follow them in their career as they grow and go through ups and downs. Probably the only way these feelings of admiration and adulation you have for the man could get any better, is if he happens to be sharing your name. That in a nutshell is how I came to count myself a fan of Morgan Wallen, “by God’s Grace” (his own words) a Southern singer who first came into my radar back in 2014, when he competed in the sixth season of “The Voice” on NBC.

By now it’s been three years since season 6 of the show, and while Morgan Wallen eventually bowed out of the competition during the Playoffs phase I didn’t stop rooting for him. Ever since then and through months that followed I did my best to keep track of what he’s been up to. It’s an easy task to be sure thanks to him and I being on both Facebook and Twitter, not to mention his YouTube channel with his song covers and, the latest in the bunch, his debut EP “The Way I Talk” which has been taking the airwaves and the internet by storm, as verified by peeks at his Twitter account.

“The Way I Talk” also highlights Wallen’s incredible storytelling quality in his voice, as he sings whimsical lyrics about how his character in the song attracts great notice in places like California thanks to his way of talking/singing, and frankly I’d notice his voice any time. He goes on in the song how his intonation and vocabulary is loved by California girls and made fun of by others, of how the same voice changes in quality and volume depending on what he’s doing. His refrain ends with the mild admonition that it’s not his fault he sounds the way he does because, to quote him: “I live the way I talk”.

Well said, or sung rather. The 6 million Spotify streams, the latest record in his song’s success, definitely agrees with me.

This being a real big beginning, Morgan Wallen’s “The Way I Talk” EP is available on no less than four major online sources, them being iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and Google Play. Download it now and share my fancy because to paraphrase his words, by God’s Grace his song is so good.

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