BINTAN LAGOON RESORT – An hour boat ride Paradise from Singapore


Seriously, who could actually guess that a super affordable tropical getaway could be found after a little boat ride out of proudly metropolitan Singapore that would barely last over a little one hour? What lies at the end of the trip is a tropical Indonesian paradise, quality accommodations and services for remarkably affordable prices, not to mention a true golfing haven. Everything felt so big and wide as soon as I stepped onto the dockside that I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to try first, and what to do next after that. Really, the Bintan Lagoon Resort is the go-to holiday retreat in Indonesia now, if my own few days going over the amenities have anything to say about it.


Located in the Pasir Panjang beach of northern Bintan Island in Indonesiafacing the South China Sea, the Bintan Lagoon Resort is so darn near Singapore that it’s actually a lot easier to fly there and then go by ferry to Bintan Island. I found it amazing how the country has gone to great lengths in order to develop the area as a new choice in Indonesian and international vacationers aside from Bali further south. There are so many travelers coming in that the local area actually has its very own immigration office. Now that’s a sure sign of going global indeed.


One thing I have to say about the Bintan Lagoon Resort: they have some awesome architecture, reflected in how their rooms are laid out to advantageous positions. In our case, we stayed at the Deluxe Sea Facing Room; and when the description said “sea facing”, then it’s a guarantee that you get a nice unobstructed view of the sea that can be viewed either from the balcony or inside, sitting on their nifty cushioned platform (for when I feel like reclining but don’t want to slip into the king bed yet). Having both air conditioning and electric fans is most welcome for a choice of how cool I want the room to be. And a bathtub is a welcome pampering for after ordering an in-room massage. All the rest of the perks – entertainment, food storage and beverage making, and outside communications – were as expected of a major international resort hotel.


Now, aside from the sleeping arrangements, one other reason to go to the BLR is to experience their wide variety of tropical outdoor and beach activities to really enjoy the time on vacation. For my part, I was able to go on their ATV adventure tours that had our group rumbling along the sandy seashore before heading off further inland to explore the surrounding wood and grasslands. Now, I’m no golf player of any imaginable skill, but I didn’t pass up a chance to try the game out (at the driving range and putting green at least), and the view of the Jack Nicklaus Golf Course was simply spectacular. Despite my knowledge that I’ll never be competitive in golf, just seeing Bintan Lagoon Resort’s golf facilities was a powerful temptation to take it up seriously.


And that’s but the tip of the iceberg regarding what you can see or do here. The Bintan Lagoon Resort has a multi-game Leisure Center with amusements hitting every significant age group; I personally enjoyed playing a few frames of pool. Speaking of pool, I also enjoyed swimming out at the hotel pool (and watching the zorb/water walking balls). Then I went and hit the beach itself, trying out their surfboards as well as snorkeling to see what wonders lie at the bottom of Pasir Panjang close to shore. Everything was worth the different prices of admission or rental.


Now, once I got my fun time in, it’s time to dine and recharge the energy I spent. Never let it be said that the Bintan Lagoon Resort’s food doesn’t match the quality of everything else. The Nelayan main restaurant was in good form with their cuisine selection; I regret not getting to try the Rijstaffel because I hear it’s quite unique. I did however get to fully enjoy eating at Chop Chop, their fairly new Chinese restaurant with all my favorite standard oriental dishes cooked in the BLR way.



Once my few days were up and the time has come to go home, I can honestly say that I really felt the need to extend my stay for just a little bit more (and if I didn’t have work waiting for me, I might have given in). That just goes to show just how incredible a vacation getaway the Bintan Lagoon Resort is. Supremely designed to be a great place for budget tourists, business travelers, romantic couples and whole families, a stay at the BLR is just the ticket for when looking for a tropical getaway that is “well away” from the usual crowded places. Anything about the Bintan Lagoon that I haven’t gotten around to experiencing, as well as new happenings and promotions can all be found at their official website: That’s their word, and now mine.


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