DELTA AIRLINES Flights Serenaded by KENNY G after Charitable Contributions

Delta Airlines

April is winding down to its last week, but regarding airline-related news, still fresh in memory is the shocking incident from April 9, when United Airlines had security drag out doctor David Dao from his seat when he refused to give up his place in the overbooked flight for several UA crew needing to reposition at the plane’s destination in Louisville, Kentucky. It was an appalling sight to fellow passengers, who made sure to spread footage online, resulting in some very pointed negative opinions about United. Up to now developments to that case are proceeding apace, but let’s try to look for a more positive airline news story, such as this magnificent impromptu fundraising done by Delta Airlines in one of their flights, with the help of best-selling instrumental saxophonist Kenny G.

ABC Action News reports that passengers on a Delta Airline flight from Tampa to Los Angeles on the morning of Saturday April 22 were treated to an impromptu mid-air concert featuring celebrity passenger Kenny G, after they made contributions in the name of charity. The Grammy Award winner had just finished with a concert in the Tampa Bay area and was flying out to LA, when he found himself seated next to an off-duty flight attendant whose daughter had recently died of a brain cancer. On a whim she had asked the instrumental artist to play her a tune, a request that found the ears of the head Delta flight attendant who decided to kick things up a notch.

An announcement was then given to the passengers regarding the possibility of Kenny G performing for them. If they could donate a total of at least $1,000 to be given to Relay for Life, a cancer charity fundraiser facilitated by Delta Airlines, then the saxophone player would hold a mini-concert for everyone right on the plane. It didn’t take much to encourage the passengers who ended up collecting $2,000 which was double the proposed amount. With that, Kenny G went on to throw a concert in the plane, walking up and down the central aisle while playing a clarinet, as people on both sides took aim with their camera phones.

Despite some sarcastic tweets after the fact which insinuated that some passengers would’ve preferred being dragged out of the flight “United-style” rather than listen to Kenny G, who was at the height of his popularity during the 1990s as a premiere pop instrumentalist, other passengers noted on social media that they had a good time. Delta Airlines also posted on their Twitter page thanking the saxophonist for his time, and to their passengers for donating to charity.

New york Daily News.jpg

Photo courtesy of New York Daily News

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