GOOGLE Officially Launches YOUTUBE TV


In this day and age, the best content programming and media appears to be increasingly appearing in or moving onto the streaming sector. Netflix could be said to have led the way, then Amazon threw its own hat in. Other networks have tried their hand at streaming at least one type of content or other, like Twitter did for the NFL Thursday Night football games (before the rights were taken up by, surprise, Amazon). Even the iconic video sharing site YouTube has made inroads to this by creating the YouTube Red ad-free subscriber service. Now its parent company Google has activated a new contender for a piece of the live television streaming pie. Its name is YouTube TV.

CNN reports that Google officially launched their TV streaming service last Wednesday April 5, across an initial distribution area that comprises New York City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and Philadelphia. YouTube TV is now available for $35 a month in these areas, with more cities planned to be added to the coverage in the future. Google is presenting YouTube TV as an affordable alternative to traditional cable TV package subscriptions, with the $35 being touted as half the average monthly cable bill, with the additional option to instantly cancel one’s service at any time.

The first batch of content available to peruse on YouTube TV include programming and shows from major television networks, plus stuff from Bravo, FX, ESPN and Fox Sports. What’s more, all of YouTube Red’s original shows, series and movies are included in the whole package. According to Google, negotiations are underway with other networks such as AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV, WE tv and BBC World News to eventually see some of their programming content on YouTube TV.


Once subscribed onto the service, YouTube TV users can check out the show and program library across multiple platforms, from the television, to computers, tablets and even smartphones. Each subscriber has the option to create up to six individual accounts with their service, and any program they fancy from the YouTube TV library can then be saved onto their own Cloud DVR storage that boasts unlimited room. These perks go toward Google’s goal of presenting YouTube TV as a genuine competition against existing streaming television services, among them Sling TV and AT&T – Direct TV Now.

Meanwhile, the main YouTube video sharing site remains one of the most visited places on the internet, with CEO Susan Wojcicki‏ saying that people all over the world come to view roughly one billion hours’ total worth of their video uploads in a single day. This matches with recent studies showing that younger people are turning away from traditional TV channel networks and preferring their programs streaming online.

Photo courtesy of CNBC

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