NETFLIX Joins Forces with JTBC SOUTH KOREA in Licensing Deal


Recently, the heavyweight streaming service Netflix has been on a steady campaign of expansion. Rather than follow the lead of some its competitors in breaking into live television programming, the company has decided to pursue a more dedicated on-demand online content direction, even taking steps to expand its international foreign offerings like Romanian. In this vein Netflix, has just finished negotiations with a media network on one of the most media-saturated countries in the world: South Korea, bringing up hundreds of hours’ worth of TV dramas and variety show programming for a more global consumption.

As The Hollywood Reporter tells it, Netflix has finalized a multiple-title licensing deal with the South Korean network JTBC to have broadcasting rights to their lengthy lineup of popular variety shows and drama series, many of which have already taken Asia and other parts of the world by storm through other conventional TV broadcasting licenses in the past. If any fan of K-dramas happened to miss a hit series shown on their local or cable channels, they’ll now have a golden opportunity to catch up with some 600 hours of the best Korean media on-demand with a subscription to Netflix.

The agreement, announced only Tuesday April 25, makes available online a selected library of JTBC’s network content of both scripted and unscripted shows. Among the titles included in this landmark deal with Netflix are the cooking program “Chef & My Fridge” / “Take Care of My Fridge” and the drama series “Abnormal Summit”. These shows’ latest episodes in particular will go online at Netflix’s Korean service on the day they are broadcast on their mother network.


Meanwhile, other popular Korean dramas such as “Beating Again” and “Can We Get Married” will become available on global Netflix starting sometime in July of this year. This slew of new content comes in the wake of the streaming service picking up the JTBC action series “Man x Man”, individually prior to the multi-title deal now, the first Korean series becoming simultaneously available on a local network and Netflix.

On this vein, the streaming giant is also hard at work in developing their slate of Korean-language original series content, in the form of two series “Love Alarm” and “Kingdom” which are scheduled to premiere on Netflix in 2018. In other news, Signal Entertainment Group which produces “Chef & My Fridge” is entering into its own co-development deal with Bunim/Murray Productions (Banijay Group), the creators of the love-it-or-hate-it series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

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