Spotlight on CENTRIST French Presidential Candidate EMMANUEL MACRON


It’s one of the most attention-grabbing (and not always in a positive way) stories of love that can be told, especially in a school setting: the relationship between a teacher and a student taking a romantic turn. It is in itself a big no-no owing to the loss of professionalism on the teacher’s part since the student is his or her responsibility, a charge that is compromised by any feeling of personal affection. Yet somehow stories of this vein can be very popular in some circles, especially if the pair did the sensible thing and waited until the student has graduated before doing anything serious; which is exactly what one of the current French presidential candidates did with his own high school teacher, to great success.

As of the latest update on CNN, Emmanuel Macron of the relatively new centrist political party En Marche! (EM) which he himself founded is the leading contender in the field of eleven names for the recent presidential elections in France. But as none of the candidates managed to secure a majority, it now comes to a run-off vote with the second-placer, firebrand politician Marine Le Pen of the National Front (FN), to be set on May 7. Already a majority of the other candidates no longer in the running are calling on their supporters to vote for Macron in the run-off along with issuing dire warnings of a breakdown in France should Le Pen – with her promises of immigration lockdown, possible withdrawal of the country from the EU, and approval from Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin – manage to eke out a win.


With his chances of becoming French president rather significant, the spotlight is now shining on former businessman and Economy Minister Macron and his personal life, considering who shall become his First Lady should he be victorious. His wife Brigitte Trogneux is quite the hot topic herself, considering that she is 64 to his 39, 25 years his senior. But theirs was an extraordinary love match, and quite controversial in some countries too, because Macron met Trogneux in high school at Amiens when he was a student and she was his teacher – and married with kids.

At 17 years old he swore to marry her all the same in the future, which eventually happened in 2007 when Macron was 25 and Trogneux aged 54 and divorced. He even made sure to gain the blessing of the adult children of his eventual wife, and they respected his efforts enough to agree.


Despite the air of “naughtiness” regarding their age and relationship story, Emmanuel Macron (and Brigitte Trogneux) ire receiving a wellspring of support from French voters, as the proclivities of the nation’s politicians has never affected people’s opinions of their abilities in office, whereas if Macron was running in the US he would have lost in public image alone.

Photo courtesy of The Atlantic, Voici

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