A Bet with WENDYS Could Break Current World RETWEET Record on TWITTER


That micro-messaging social network Twitter sure lives a colorful life. When people aren’t tweeting about some pretty nasty and hateful content there, or complaining about said content, or watching NFL’s “Thursday Night Football” during the past season, or blowing up some innocuous celebrity comment here and there, we have this gem of a story. As it stands the current record-holder for the number of re-tweets has been Ellen DeGeneres’ big Oscar selfie from 2014, but that could be changing in the future, with a re-tweet campaign that is gaining some unreal momentum considering the subject matter involved: Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

As The Verge tells it, on Thursday April 6 one Twitter user named Carter Wilkerson went on the official account of fast-food chain Wendy’s, and asked a rather innocent question. He inquired how many re-tweets of a post he would need in order for the restaurant franchise to gift him a whole year’s supply of FREE chicken nuggets. Now a lot of random fluff gets posted on any Twitter account belonging to one global brand or other that gets ignored for what it is and thusly forgotten. One could imagine Wilkerson’s surprise then when Wendy’s Twitter operators deigned to reply to his question. And at first blush it would seem to be an unrealistic figure to reach. They want 18 million re-tweets.

Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm) responded, “Consider it done”. And he made his post for that re-tweeting goal asking Twitter and the internet: “Help me please. A man needs his nuggs.”


Back to the thing on Twitter with the most re-tweets. The Ellen 2014 Oscar selfie holds the distinction with over 3.3 million re-tweets. That’s it; and it even had marketing help from Samsung (since the smartphone used to take the photo was theirs). The challenge put forth by Wendy’s for 18 million implies that Wilkerson’s tweet must be shared almost six times that much to reach the target. By the moment this article is being written, a day after the fact, his tweet has been re-tweeted over half a million times. It’s still a long ways off, but if the re-tweet pace doesn’t slacken anytime soon then possibly at the start of the next April work week he’ll have shot past Ellen’s record. But how long from there until the goal of 18 million is reached? Who can tell?

Note that the total number of Twitter users at present is 313 million active tweeters around the world. So if Wilkerson’s audacious attempt is noticed and followed up on by 5.6 PERCENT of that user base then it’s a done deal and Wendy’s obliged to give Wilkerson his year’s free chicken nuggets. The chain may have a social media popularity coup working for them here.

Photo courtesy of The Verge

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