Phoenix Teen Asks EMMA STONE to Prom by Spoofing “LA LA LAND” Song Number into “PROMPOSAL”


Anyone who has followed the major film awards in past months know of Summit Entertainment’s exciting musical film “La La Land” starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Released in December the year before, it went on to become an awards darling, sweeping the seven categories it was nominated for in the Golden Globes and winning six Oscars out of 14 nominations, a tie with two other multi-nominated single films on record. The story of love that was and never did between an aspiring actress and a struggling jazz musician in Los Angeles has resonated strongly with audiences. It’s therefore understandable that one enterprising high-school kid from Phoenix, Arizona is shooting for the moon by trying to ask female lead star Emma Stone to be his prom date, by parodying the film’s opening song number.

According to NBC Bay Area, Jacob Staudenmaier of Arcadia High School in Phoenix worked together with his classmates and even some of his teachers to shoot a “prom-posal” for Stone. Parking several vehicles on his campus’ front yard to simulate the LA highway traffic jam from the first scene of “La La Land”, and enlisting his collaborators as extras, Staudenmaier then played the part of Gosling’s character Sebastian, only dressed in a tux with shades and singing improvised lines turning the song “Another Day of Sun” into a humorous yet impassioned plea for Stone to go with him to prom.

“People say I look like Ryan Gosling and maybe that’s a bit far-fetched,” warbles Staudenmaier as he goes through the actor’s motions with the his classmates and students flashing signs saying “prom” behind him (along with some nifty scene transitions for being shot by hand). “Please don’t let me down, it’s be in your hometown.” He adds, referring to Stone’s hometown being the nearby city of Scottsdale. That pretty much bumps up his chances from “none” to “slim”, at the very least keeping him out of “The Fools Who Dream” as the song title says.

The again young Staudenmaier is also rather grounded and pragmatic, initially viewing his prom-posal with the “La La Land” parody as a light-hearted joke. He also revealed to NBC that just in case Emma Stone doesn’t see the video or deigns not to reply (in the positive, if at all), then he has a backup girl he can ask as a date to the Arcadia High School prom, set for April 29 in Phoenix. Then again, he also threw in the offer of dinner for two at the local Olive Garden.

For more of Jacob Staudenmaier going “I know my voice ain’t great, but please be my prom date?” then refer to his prom-posal video on YouTube:

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