Chris Evans has definitely come a long way in his career in entertainment. Starting out on TV in 2000, he then went on to become one of the most popular new actors in the 21st Century, starring in “Street Kings”, “Scott Pilgrim” and “Snowpiercer”. But his greatest claim to fame lies in the roles he took for superhero films, beginning in 2005 with 20th Century Fox’s “Fantastic Four” and its sequel as Johnny Storm / Human Torch, and eventually Steve Rogers / Captain America in multiple film installments of Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). With his initial contracted number of MCU films soon to run out (in the two “Avengers” films for 2018 and 2019), Evans has begun expanding his horizons even more (just as his superhero roles broke out from his earlier teen character casting). He’s doing it by, of all things, breaking into Broadway.

As CBS News tells it, Chris Evans has signed on to make his stage debut on the Great White Way as part of the Second Stage Theatre production of “Lobby Hero”, to premiere in New York next year. He will star opposite Michael Cera of “Arrested Development” fame. The drama, which had has been playing off-Broadway since 2001, was written by Kenneth Lonergan, who also wrote the 2002 film “Gangs of New York”. His writing and directing 2016’s “Manchester by the Sea” led to accolades from both the Oscars (Best Director) and BAFTA (Best Original Screenplay) the following year.

“Lobby Hero” tells the story of a police officer (Evans) and a security guard (Cera) who finds themselves tied into a murder investigation in a middle-income Manhattan apartment building. Its first Broadway run will be on March 2018 at the Helen Hayes Theatre following some extensive renovation.


While his swan songs to the MCU to the MCU are still a year or two off (barring a cameo in July’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, Evans is making waves in a more down-to-earth role in April’s “Gifted”, as an uncle raising his math genius child niece by giving her a normal childhood, a promise he made to her mother (his sister) who was herself a math prodigy but committed suicide over her failure to solve a “Millennium puzzle” math problem. He must then fight a custody battle with his controlling mother who wants to exploit her granddaughter’s gift like she did her late daughter’s.

But Chris Evans does think fondly of his time as Captain America in the MCU films, and is a prominent critic of how his character is being portrayed in the current Marvel Comics. There the comics Steve Rogers is central to a line-wide comic book event where his memories have been altered to make himself think he is an Agent of the terrorist organization HYDRA, and exploits his patriotic image to seize control of the US, setting himself against the Marvel superheroes.

Photo courtesy of UPI

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