VOICE WORK Begins on SEASON 3 of YOUNG JUSTICE Animated Series


Back in 2010 Cartoon Network in cooperation with DC entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation released the animated series “Young Justice”. Although it shared titles with a DC comic book, this show had an original story featuring the teen superheroes of the DC universe, in particular the sidekicks of more matinee adult heroes. In the series Young Justice was a junior counterpart to the more famous Justice League, tasked with covert operations against super-villain activity in the hope of “graduating” into the senior team. Despite critical success and wide viewership, “Young Justice” was cancelled in 2013 for various reasons, only for good news to come in 2016 that after three years the series is green-lighted for a third season.

Further good news was had according to Comic Book Resources when actor Khary Payton of “General Hospital” and “The Walking Dead” fame announced on his Twitter page that he has begun providing voice work for the series, in the main character role of the young Atlantean superhero Kaldur’ahm, aka. Aqualad. Even his wording on the tweet was dripping with hints and continuity nods when he went: “& we start once more for the fallen… #YoungJustice #season3.” Here, the “fallen” may be a reference to Wally West, aka. Kid Flash (Jason Spisak), who was apparently killed in the finale episode of the show’s second season, whereupon Cartoon Network had it cancelled.

Although no further official word has been given, it’s been assumed that as many of the voice talent who worked on “Young Justice” will be returning to reprise their roles, alongside the show’s creators Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman. It should be noted that the Aqualad character voiced by Payton, noted for looking African-American, was actually an original character using the established superhero name (the comic book Aqualad, also an Atlantean named Garth, was a black-haired Caucasian-looking teen). The Kaldur’ahm version of Aqualad eventually crossed over into the original DC comics medium, most prominently in the company’s “DC: Rebirth” line-wide event, where he is on the verge of joining the latest iteration of the Teen Titans.

Warner Bros. Animation however promises some “new twists, turns and dangerous new threats” coming into the third season of “Young Justice”, as a sign of gratitude for the fans of the show that never gave up on seeing it continue. The series was canceled after two seasons for a multitude of reasons, most significantly being the loss of income from sponsor Mattel which pulled out after the tie-in toy line bombed in stores, as well as the rumor that the unexpected periphery demographic of teenaged girl viewers eclipsed the supposed target audience of children. “Young Justice” season 3 already has its own website, though for the moment it only contains a fill-up form to join the show’s mailing list.

Photo courtesy of tvline.com

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