American tennis star Serena Williams is a legend even now. She currently is the queen of title holders across all Open Era tournaments, the latest being this January’s Australian Open (her 23rd). Along with Steffi Graf, Serena is the latest to pull a simultaneous four-Open title win, during 2009-2010. Life has also been good to her off the tennis court, what with her being engaged since December of last year to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of aggregate website Reddit. It would seem like the world today is Serena Williams’ oyster. Nobody could have predicted that things could only get even better for her, when she briefly posted a very telling photograph.

CNN reports that the sports world is in an excited frenzy following the bombshell news that Serena Williams is pregnant. Everything came to a head on the morning of Wednesday April 19 when the sports superstar uploaded a side-profile photo of herself in a fetching yellow swimsuit to her Snapchat, with an accompanying caption reading “20 weeks”. Attention was quickly drawn to the swell of Williams’ tummy, which immediately translated as “baby bump” to viewers of the pic. The original Snapchat posting was deleted before the day was out, but by that time screen grabs of the photo were taken and quickly made the rounds of the internet.

But without the original post no satisfactory confirmation could be found. Finally a spokesperson for Serena sent a statement to CNN that put a lot of minds to rest, while hyping them up even further: “I’m happy to confirm Serena is expecting a baby this fall.”

Now the context of “20 weeks” on the Snapchat post came into sharp focus, for if Williams indeed has been pregnant for that long, it meant she has performed a feat that bordered on superhuman during the 2017 Australian Open. She competed in it, and became champion, while she had a baby on the way. For the over two weeks the tournament went on Serena was on her 6th, 7th, then 8th week, the last one being when she won the women’s singles title. Her withdrawal from two other tournaments since the Australian now takes a double meaning beyond her official reason of nursing a knee injury.

Then again it wasn’t something the tennis legend hasn’t done before; her fans were just as surprised with the December 2016 Reddit announcement of her and Ohanian’s engagement, not picking up at all that they had been a thing for some time beforehand.

Twitter of course went haywire as more details got out. Nobody missed that Serena Williams now has a bun in the oven just like her celebrity best bud Beyoncé, who has two. Congratulations and odes to the younger Williams sister as a Sports Goddess was the norm since then.

Photo courtesy of TMZ

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