The amazing thing about Thailand’s international vacation island of Phuket is how many things they’ve been able to fit into it: historical sights, pristine beaches, supremely appointed hotel resorts, a vibrant nightlife, and food. Tourists will be hard-pressed to be left with nothing to do because there’s just so many. Even if you’re on a simple Thai food trip, you’ll be off to a good start if you happen to be staying at the Grand Mercure Phuket Patong Resort & Villas. There’s no need to be going far once you’ve learned about the “Jewel of Phuket’s Cuisine” set menu, available at the Grand Mercure’s Bubbles Restaurant.

Thai and Beyond at Bubbles

You might be taken aback at the name of a classy hotel restaurant being “Bubbles” like it was a snack bar instead. But look beyond that and you’ll be quick to appreciate the superb variety of their menu items. They represent an impressive variety of traditional Thai food and international selections from nearby Asian countries and further abroad. A quick glance of their menu will see some imported delights like lamb and beef from Australia, kebabs from India, Chinese homemade noodles, and Italian style pasta as well. Be it European delicacies from croissants and pastries to Asian fare, they’ve got it covered. Bubbles also serve halal specialties.

Multinational Menu

Just one look at Bubbles Restaurant’s 10-page menu is all the affirmation guests need to know that the major schools of cooking all over the world are ably represented. They’ve got a selection of Spanish-Mediterranean tapa dishes in sets of 3 and 5, anywhere from shrimp, prawn, and calamari, to salmon, chicken, lamb and beef. Vegetarians will love the salad section, with satay and Caesar’s and every other salad in between like Caprese, kebab and Indian Kadai.

Next comes some filling soup such as the unequivocally European tomato soup, French bisque, and the Thai standards Tom Ka and the ultra-hot and spicy Tom Yum Goong; it’s not Thailand without that! The Bubbles pizza menu is so authentic that they can transport you to Italy while slices last. Margherita, Pepperoni & Prosciutto, Stagioni, Carbonara and Formaggi pizzas galore; and for the more unorthodox taste, there’s Chalong seafood pizza and one with Hawaiian toppings.

We’re just about halfway through Bubble’s rather extensive menu. The bread and Panini section does not disappoint either. Whether it’s Australian “Le Grand” or a chicken Caesar wrap, it’s all good. And we’re going to go redundant on adjectives when it comes to their pasta selection of spaghetti, linguini, et cetera. Rounding out the belly-filling meals are the Thai and generally Asian noodle items. Bamee Nam noodles, Pad Thai, Mee Hokkien, southern Thai Mussaman Gai and Chinese Yang Chow. Finally there’s a slew of choice beverages to make the food go down easy, from juices to coffee and their signature cocktails.

Jewel of Phuket’s Cuisine


And now we come to the current piece de resistance of Bubbles Restaurant, the main reason it’s such a popular place for eating Thai right now. The “Jewel of Phuket’s Cuisine” set is the brainchild of Bubbles Chef Anurak Kannittharat, and is available at the restaurant every day. This menu set prides itself on being made one hundred percent from ingredients bought right out of Phuket’s own fresh marketplace. Even the seafood is fished directly from the surrounding Andaman Sea, all just the sort that is used in Thai cooking. From this bounty is made the appropriately named Jewel of Phuket’s Cuisine.

Chef Anurak will wow diners with mouth-watering morsels of Phuket dishes like Yum Hua Plee (shrimp & banana blossom salad), Goong Thod (Thai prawn tempura), Mee Hoon Gaeng Poo (homemade curry with crab and noodles), Pla Yang Ka Min (Thai grilled tilapia), Moo Hong (stewed pork belly), Phad Pak Mieang (fried melinjo), and Khao Hom Mali (Thai jasmine rice). Once guests have eaten their fill of the main meal, then they can wind down with nice cool servings of O-Aew (Southern Thai shaved ice with toppings). Truly this menu set will be an exotic experience to foreign tourists while similarly familiar and accessible to local residents who also dine regularly at Bubbles.

For those who are interested in trying out the Jewel of Phuket’s Cuisine, be advised that it will be to your advantage to make an advance reservation with Bubbles Restaurant about 3 hours before you’re expected to come down and dine. Prices are set at 1,200 Thai Baht per pair, with tax and service charge included.

Find out more about Bubbles Restaurant and the rest of the Grand Mercure Phuket Patong Resort & Villas at their official website at http://www.grandmercurephuketpatong.com. They are located at the ground floor and are open from 6:30 in the morning up until 12 midnight. They also have themed buffet evenings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Photo courtesy of www.grandmercurephuketpatong.com

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