PAOLO BALLESTEROS Makeup Transformation into WONDER WOMAN Praised by GAL GADOT


Actor Paolo Ballesteros has been known in the world of Philippine showbiz for a variety of things. He is a regular fixture as host in long-running noontime variety show “Eat Bulaga!” on GMA7. He is of course one of the country’s premiere TV and movie actors, having even gotten international acclaim for a film role at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival. But online he is also extremely popular for his uploaded videos of “makeup transformation”, sped-up footage of him using skilled makeup, hairstyling or wigs, and costuming to impersonate some major local and Hollywood celebrities.

His latest makeup transformation video project, posted late last month, has him deftly slip into the role of the iconic DC superhero Wonder Woman, as portrayed by Israeli model-actress Gal Gadot. CNN Philippines reports that this video, uploaded onto his official Twitter account, actually got to catch the eye of Gadot herself, who then sent the actor some well-earned props this June 13.

“Wow! This is incredible @pochoy29! Bravo #WonderWoman,” read Gadot’s tweet to Ballesteros. Said reply has already gotten over 10,000 re-tweets and over 38,000 likes. The actor then tweeted to the “Wonder Woman” lead actress with an emoji-laden answer that is equal parts fan-squeal and respectful amusement. He had also posted the “finished product” of his makeup transformation on Instagram, where his uncanny in-character resemblance to Gadot as Wonder Woman was met with praises. The picture in question has itself netted over 97,000 likes and almost a thousand comments.

The “Wonder Woman” film starring Gal Gadot, part of Warner Brothers Pictures and DC Films’ Extended Universe of DC Comic superhero flicks, opened in the Philippines on June 1st to an overwhelming positive critical and audience response. Meanwhile the transformation videos of Paolo Ballesteros, who appears to be channeling the skills of his grandfather the National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, are a major hit whenever they pop up in either his personal Twitter or on the official social media accounts of his show “Eat Bulaga!”

It should be noted that Ballesteros’ impersonation talent is already well-established worldwide. He had attended the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival – for his Best Actor award in the film “Die Beautiful” – as two different female celebrities. On the red carpet premiere he portrayed Angelina Jolie and during the awards ceremony he impersonated Julia Roberts.

Photo courtesy of Paolo Ballesteros IG

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