International travel is so widespread and getting increasingly accessible in this day and age, that much is true. People are flocking to tourist destinations from one continent to the next, and barring unique circumstances, arrival numbers only go on the up and up. One of the reasons for this tourist travel boom is of course the growing ease by which affordable travel and accommodation packages can be arranged. Such promos are snapped up by bargain overseas vacation hunters looking for a few days and nights of wondrous enjoyment anywhere from Phuket Island in Thailand to the Vatican in Rome.

These shoestring budget travelers tend to make some significant sacrifices to keep their expenses at the minimum when they travel to their package destinations. Often this would mean skimping out on options of entertainment and fine dining wherever they might be. But it does not have to be like that. It should still be possible to get some good mileage of enjoyment from going to different places, especially when choosing to eat out at someplace fancy. One only needs a reliable partner to make your travel stops more comfy, and foot the bill for your meal now so you can worry about it later when you have returned home. If you’re a traveller, you can really do more with Diners Club International.

Diners Club International (DCI) has been the globetrotter’s best friend since 1950, the first independent credit card company in the world, one of the largest today. Its original purview was in providing charge cards to pay the tab at various dining establishments that have partnered up with the company, and currently DCI has franchises spanning 185 countries and territories, with a multitude of restaurants, cafes and similar eating places accepting their cards. But over the years, their services and perks have increased and evolved with the times too.


For example, DCI takes into consideration the often harsh reality of travel fatigue when travellers come out of long transcontinental or transoceanic flights. That is why they have partnered with international airports as well by making available over 800 airport lounges around the world. With a Diners Club card in hand, airline globetrotters will be able to kick back and relax from their flights with food and drink and Wi-Fi internet access in some select lounge locations. Get some jet lag relief while staying in touch with your social circle online, or enjoy your entertainment of choice while you wait for your plane.


Your travel comforts are seen too, but Diners Club International doesn’t stop there. Their next major benefit for club members is in seeing to prime accommodations. You’ll never quite be in a pickle for where to stay in a foreign country when your DCI card provides privileges to the tune of over 1,400 special offers with partner hotels in over 70 countries. Travelers could look into getting room upgrades and even flexible check-in and check-out times so that you may rest and sleep in quality comfort. A stay in the Hyatt Regency when in Kyoto can be more than a dream when one is a DCI cardholder.

But DCI has never forgotten its roots, the first specific service they catered for when it started over 60 years ago. Diners Club has not stopped in forming solid partnerships with the best, finest and most delectable restaurants throughout the globe. Not only do club members get great deals for the best meals of the house, they might even avail of some VIP dining treatment.

Who can say no to a chance of being allowed into the kitchen to see your order being cooked, or have your chef for the night drop by at your table to chat about your dinner, or maybe get invited to sample their wine stock downstairs at the cellar? It just has to be said, DCI are master of pampering and spoiling their club members.

And believe it or not, the experience isn’t over yet. When you’re a Diners Club cardholder, even international shopping can become a breeze. A DCI card comes with a two-year premium membership to Diners Club Shopping. This allows special access and discounts with selected partner retailers, and whatever products you order from US market platforms such as Amazon and eBay are immediately forwarded to where you are courtesy of MyUS, a genuine market leader in international package forwarding with numerous shipping partners, with delivery tracking done through their secure website.

While Diners Club International is one of the long-running credit card giants, they have stayed relevant and ahead of the game by upgrading their services through advancements in technology. The latest offers and updates in services are easily seen online in the DCI blog attached to their official website, and access to mobile devices are also facilitated through their dedicated app. The Diners Club app helps members keep track of lunges and new privileges, offers advice on restaurant tipping and features a handy currency converter and ATM locator. It’s also available on the two major mobile OS of Apple and Android.

In closing, there can be no doubt whatsoever that special deals and privileges attached to travel, accommodation, dining and entertainment have been instrumental in making international travel and tourism more than just a pipe dream for many people. And the best of these perks are at one’s fingertips when they are a member of Diners Club International. The world just feels so much bigger now, and DCI will help you belong to it all.


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