Aside from the various electric-powered automobiles that are its stock-in trade, Tesla Motor also offers a wide variety of merchandise to catch the fancy of collectors and fans of Tesla. These range from simple items like shirts and caps, to more evocative products like a scaled-down Tesla Model S as a ridable children’s car with a top speed of 6 miles per hour. This is in tune with the merchandise cooked up by Elon Musk’s companies like a general-consumer flamethrower for The Boring Company. Recently, Tesla offered new piece of merchandise, surfboards. But not anymore; they were all sold out.

As The Verge tells it, this Tesla-branded merchandise that was gone all too soon was put up only on the evening of Saturday, July 28, at the electric car company’s official website. The official product description relates that the surfboards were a collaborative effort between the Tesla Design Studio and a tandem of two major names in custom high-performance surfboards, regular World Surf League Championship board shaper Matt Biolos and Lost Surfboards. Much like an earlier merchandising product, a leather jacket, Tesla Motors also boasted that the manufacture of their branded surfboards included elements from their famous electric car series.

The materials that went into the Tesla surfboard read like a justification for its $1,500 asking price. Each piece is made to order, with a deck strengthened by lightweight carbon fiber “Black Dart” and the same matte and gloss finish that go into every Tesla Model S, Model 3 and their brothers. The board series comes in two variants, red and black. Both have tonal logos for decoration, with red having the Tesla name and black bearing its hood logo. Tesla even claimed that the boards are just the right size to be “accommodated” by their vehicle fleet, whether a Tesla-driving surfer stows it inside, or straps it on outside.

This information was made available during the weekend when the Tesla surfboard launch, along with their quantity in stock: just 200 made to order. Well, despite costing one and a half grand each, customers briefly flooded the website listing and made off will all the Tesla surfboards on stock, with shipping for their orders taking anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks. Some of the buyers naturally acquired the Tesla boards to resell at borderline-robbery prices. An eBay listing might go all the way to $5,000. The empty listing is still on the Tesla site, though time will tell whether it will be restocked or not.

Image courtesy of  Electrek

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