When it comes to long-running programs on television, classic game shows are among the most memorable. One of them, “Jeopardy!” has had as a secret to its success its most famous mechanic of giving “answers” to contestants who must then supply the appropriate “questions” for each. And for over three decades, the show has been familiarly hosted by Alex Trebek, and he had done so with nearly no interruption until earlier this year. But 30 years is a long time, and Trebek has begun to drop hints on his more recent appearances that he is considering retiring as “Jeopardy!” host.

According to USA Today, Alex Trebek made mention during an interview on “OBJECTified” at Fox News Channel with Harvey Levin, that his contract as host for the iconic syndicated game show “Jeopardy!” will run its course two years from now, in 2020. At which point, he says, there is but less of a “50/50 chance” that he would renew his contract and thus step down as the face of the show. Trebek came on as host of “Jeopardy!” in 1984 at the beginning of its second run in syndication, which continues to this very day.


It is understandable that Trebek was making known his desire to depart the game show. He just turned 78 years old on the 22nd of this month after all. Viewers who have stuck with “Jeopardy!” since the beginning of Trebek’s tenure would have noticed him age with the program; his present gray-haired and clean-shaven looks are a significant departure from his mustache and vibrant curls.


Of course, the “Jeopardy!” host is game for the show to continue on even when he is not part of it, and Alex Trebek has shared with Harvey Levin on the interview that he already has suggestions on who might take his place as host, one candidate for each gender.

The first choice was dropped by Trebek in the curious format of a “Jeopardy!” answer in need of a question: the play-by-play announcer for NHL team the Los Angeles Kings. That could only mean (Who is) Trebek’s namesake Alex Faust (?), who then mentioned on Twitter how flattered he was that he had been considered.

Trebek’s female host suggestion was more straightforward: attorney, CNN legal analyst and commentator Lauren Coates. Her own Twitter page reaction notes that she herself is a “Jeopardy!” watcher, and is honored at also being considered.

Alex Trebek may have made the assurance that he can imagine life without hosting duties on “Jeopardy!” But certain other members of the audience have gone so far as to suggest that the venerable game show be cancelled in 2020 when Trebek finally steps down.


Images courtesy of Vulture, Good Housekeeping and Wikipedia