One week ago to the day, the smartphone world found itself digesting a big advance reveal by a famous new “phone leaker” regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10. Following some speculation on its possible specs as seen on the strategically blurred image, there was the wondering of Samsung users on when the South Korean smartphone maker would step up to respond to the leak. The first bet was at the Mobile World Congress in March. As it turns out, Samsung will not be keeping its customers guessing for too long. An invite has come out; we will know in one month.

USA Today reports that a press invitation has been sent by Samsung on Thursday, January 10, calling all interested parties to San Francisco on February 20. The reason is not lost on anybody. Showing an advertisement graphic with the number 10 written sideways was no effort: The Samsung Galaxy S10 is on its way. The location is also inspired, as San Francisco was where Samsung introduced the first Samsung Galaxy in 2009. There is no better way to commemorate a gadget that has now been manufactured in ever-improving versions for ten years. It comes well ahead of the since-traditional reveal at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress.

That was pretty much all that Samsung had in line for their reveal this week. There will be a Galaxy S10, an S10 Plus phablet, and the entry-level S10 Lite in similar fashion to Apple’s iPhone XS variants. What the company was not planning on was showing what the phones look like. That was done by accident on a Samsung news blog entry. What was supposed to be only an introduction to the Android skin “One UI” ended up showing a clear image of one of the Galaxy S10s. Samsung was too late to remove the image before it was scattered to the wide net.

One feature that is supposed to come with the Samsung Galaxy S10 is its being able to handle 5G wireless networks, many of which will be launching conveniently this year. Verizon has been something of a traditional Samsung smartphone provider for their consumers, but apparently AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have come out and said that they too will have 5G Samsung smartphones in 2019. In fact, AT&T might have two of them. But that aside, one remaining question mark remains: the status of the foldable smartphone/tablet Samsung teased last year. If it is not the Galaxy S10, then hopefully Samsung might show it off again on the unveiling, February 20 so we do not forget.

Image courtesy of 9to5Google