LEA SALONGA BREAKS LEG Skiing in HOKKAIDO during Family Vacation


Life has definitely been on the up and up for Lea Salonga. She is after all an established contemporary legend in the musical theatre scene, is also a recording artist, actress and TV host, and she provides the singing voice to not just one, but two Disney Princesses. On a personal level, she is also blessed with a loving marriage to game software company executive Robert Charles Chien for 15 years, plus a daughter to complete their family. Speaking of 15 years, the couple actually went to Japan recently to celebrate their milestone, only for Lea to meet an unexpected, but fortunately not serious, accident.

ABS-CBN News reports that celebrated Filipina Tony-winner and Grammy-nominee performer Lea Salonga literally broke a leg, or at least a small part of it, while skiing at a popular winter resort at Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan. The star posted a video of herself on Instagram assuring fans that she is fine, and that her little injury will not keep her down for long. It so happened that when Lea was going down a slope in Niseko, that she found herself unable to stop and crashed. The accident caused a fracture on her tibia, or shinbone.

Judging from how she jauntily recorded her video on her feet (though with a brief shot of her crutches) with a snowy background, it is clear that Lea will not be severely inconvenienced by her skiing spill. “This will not stop the concerts from pushing through,” so came her confident assurance regarding some of her future upcoming engagements. “This is just to let you know, I’m okay, I can sing, and I will see you in Hong Kong, in Singapore and the UK, sitting down more than I normally would.”

This Instagram video is but one of the most recent in a series of posts by Lea Salonga on that social media platform under the hash-tag #SkiVacation2019, chronicling the fun she has been having with her family, who have accompanied her and her husband on their anniversary jaunt. Their current location at the town of Niseko is also one of the top winter resort destinations in Hokkaido. Despite the hiccup of her accident, Lea is fully intent on fulfilling her concert dates afterwards, including showing up as a guest in Josh Groban’s post-Valentines concert in Manila this coming February 22.

Image courtesy of GMA Network

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