ANGEL LOCSIN Reveals Her SUPERHERO Role “RETIREMENT” after MARVEL Artist Discusses Her Playing New FILIPINA Hero WAVE in Theoretical Adaptation


Two months from now, a new superhero character will debut in Marvel Comics as part of the upcoming “War of the Realms” cross-title crossover storyline. Filipino fans of American superhero comics are intrigued because said character is a Filipina herself. Known only by her costumed identity of Wave, she is depicted as a magical or technological hero with wings and a pair of pre-Colonial swords made of energy. Created by writer Greg Pak and drawn by Filipino artist Leinil Yu, Wave was such a trending topic that discussion turned to which Filipina actress might portray her. The “easiest” option was said to be ABS-CBN talent Angel Locsin, a true veteran in portraying super-heroines on TV.

But as CNN Philippines would have it, the 33-year-old actress who has been Darna, a winged human, werewolf, treasure hunter and so many more “action girl” roles in her career, thinks that her superhuman acting days are behind here. What is interesting with her recent pronouncement on Twitter was that it was in response to a tweet from Leinil Yu proposing that she be potentially cast as the new Filipina Marvel hero Wave in a theoretical future Marvel film or series featuring the debuting character.

Correspondence between Locsin and Yu on Twitter began two weeks ago, during the initial buzz about Wave in Marvel Comics’ “War of the Realms” event. She identified the design of Wave’s sword as a kampilan, similar to what may have been used to kill Magellan at Mactan in 1521. When Yu responded Monday, May 18, he punctuated his short version of the character’s history by expressing his interest in Locsin being cast as Wave in theory. Social media responses were positive from the Filipino community, only for the actress to decline, saying her superhero parts are over and done with.

That is not to say that she is through with any character role that demands hard-hitting action. Angel Locsin is currently the star of ABS-CBN primetime tele-serye “The General’s Daughter” which casts her as a soldier with a conflict of interest between her military duty and familial involvement in a top-brass syndicate conspiracy. The show does contain hand-to-hand and gunfight sequences that are a big element for most of the major TV network’s evening programming.

The Wave character on Marvel will first appear on the first issue of “War of the Realms: The New Agents of Atlas,” a 4-part miniseries in the “War of the Realms” storyline which sees various Norse mythological forces led by Malekith the Accursed (remembered as the villain in 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World”) launching an invasion and occupation of Earth/Midgard. The storyline kicks off in April, composed of a six-issue main “War of the Realms” title, and 22 tie-ins, both from existing Marvel Comics titles and miniseries like the above.

Image courtesy of ABS-CBN News

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