ANGEL LOCSIN ENGAGED to Producer Boyfriend, as told in INSTAGRAM


Angel Locsin, one of the biggest star draws on ABS-CBN, currently has Filipino action soap buffs glued to the edge of their seats from Monday to Friday with her teleserye “The General’s Daughter.” Compared to the intensely suspenseful story arc ongoing there, her relationship with film producer Neil Arce has been very subdued and private, which is just the way they liked it. But now the two have felt ready to tie the knot. And they have decided to tell the story of how on social media with a sequential series of posts. It has made for quite the engagement.

The Philippine Star has it that Angel Locsin and her beau Neil Arce have broadcasted their engagement in a stylish and heartwarming way over on Instagram over the weekend starting Saturday, June 29. What happened was a serialized announcement from the two over their respective accounts on that social media platform, one that was beautifully rehearsed for the ABS-CBN star’s fandom. Arce led off with his starting post showing a photo with a detail of him from the back with a ring concealed in his hand and Angel out of focus in the background. His cheeky caption read, “Excuse me miss, I have a question.”

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Excuse me miss… I have a question…

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The actress then picks up the narrative with her Instagram post showing her hand with the ring on on her finger and a celebrating Arce (also out of focus) in the background. This was the initial exchange of photos between the two to announce their engagement, with the pictures take for them by pro photographers Paolo Nierves and Kiko Pascua, both of whose watermarks were visible on the images. Such a spectacle has been in keeping with celebrity couples utilizing social media to bring their happy news to a wide reach of their followers online.

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Surprise of my life 😱✨

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Angel Locsin and Neil Arce first announced their being in a relationship in February of 2018, by which point they had been together since around the start of that year. Beforehand the two considered each other as friends for seven years before that. Locsin, iconic in Philippine TV for starring in soaps that are equally oriented in action and drama, had stated at the time that the best part of her life was finding love with Arce, a sentiment the movie producer reciprocates in turn. The two have not yet announced the when, where and how of their wedding, although in the wake of their Instagram announcement they have been congratulated by their industry friends.

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We’re engaged!💍 Waaaaaaaaaah!😅🏳️

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Image from Yahoo News Philippines

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