SONY PS5 Console Reveal at CES 2020: Only the LOGO


While the worldwide videogame industry has long had its own slate of dedicated annual trade shows with which to showcase their latest developments and products, a few decades ago these companies used to promote their wares at a much older established event, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Of course, major electronic entertainment brands still make time to do keynotes and tease their stuff at the CES, such as the current one happening this week. One of them is Sony, which has a major product reveal they are working up to: the fifth PlayStation console. But what was shown during CES?

Apparently according to IGN, what Sony PlayStation fans got for the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show was the unveiling…of a logo, for the long-awaited PS5 console. The Sony keynote segment was held just this past Monday, January 6, with Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, at center stage. For the most part however he was talking about the storied life of the current iteration of their killer product, the PS4 which debuted in 2013. As for its successor, aside from reaffirming the release date for this year’s Holiday season, all Ryan officially showed was the minimalistic PS5 logo.

Sony fans will likely be let down, considering the company simply reused the font for the logo of the PlayStation 4 but replaced the number with a 5. Social media immediately jumped on the seemingly zero-effort change in aesthetics on the part of Sony. The fact that no sneak peek on the final form of the console was given, means that followers only have leaked photos of the upcoming console’s prototype form shared in November the year before. In this regard, Microsoft has taken the lead on Sony by already showing their computer CPU-like Xbox Series X console in 2019.

Already-known specs for the Sony PlayStation 5 include AMD chips to support 8K graphics, ray tracing, load-time reduction in its new SSD’s, backwards compatibility with PS4 games, and a revamped controller that replaces traditional “rumble” features with haptic feedback and pressure-sensitive “adaptive” triggers. While the Consumer Electronics Show piece on the PS5 was rather anticlimactic, one can expect a meatier reveal to be done later in 2020 at, for instance the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Image courtesy of Hut Mobile

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