Even before reality shows became a thing, there have already been a number of television programs around the world where participants are set out to perform some tasks at a designated locale, sometimes within a time limit, in order to win prizes. Early examples include British show “Treasure Hunt” (Channel 4, BBC Two), while more recent shows would be American competition “The Amazing Race” on CBS, and “Running Man” on South Korean network SBS. These contests, which involve task-performing and clue-solving, are quite popular TV viewing the world over. And pretty soon the Philippines will have one of them localized.

According to CNN Philippines, SBS will be bringing their “Running Man” reality variety show to the country, with their production partner of choice being GMA7. The Kapuso Network announced the newly-minted co-production deal with their South Korean counterparts this Tuesday, February 11. Rather coincidentally, the hosts of the original program on SBS were supposed to have been the guests of honor for a fan meet-and-greet event at the SM Mall of Asia this past Sunday. For obvious reasons, namely concerns over the still-spreading threat of novel coronavirus, the fan meeting has been moved back several months to late June instead.

GMA7 is supremely pleased to have a new South Korean franchise with which to develop a local edition of. Already their Philippine remake of K-drama “Descendants of the Sun” is nearing its highly anticipated premiere date. But for “Running Man” Philippine edition, curious TV viewers will have to wait just a little longer while the show is being developed, seeing as their projected premiere will not be until in 2021. This country is but one of several Asian nations that have come to similar accords with SBS to develop localized versions of “Running Man.” Others include mainland China and Vietnam.

“Running Man” on SBS features an ensemble of MCs who tend to join each episode’s worth of guests in completing missions at various famous landmarks in Korea. The show has been airing on that network since 2010, and as of February 2020 it has had close to 500 weekly episodes.

Image courtesy of GMA News