The eras that Disney has revisited with its series of live-action remakes for their classic Animated Canon of films have varied over the years. But since 2017 the focus of their studio productions in that vein has been of several key movies that comprised the early part of the 1990s “Disney Renaissance” period, namely “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin” and “The Lion King,” with “Mulan” premiering later this month. But classics from other decades than the Renaissance have been getting their dues, like the Disney+ exclusive “Lady and the Tramp.” There is also development ongoing for a “Peter Pan” remake called “Peter Pan and Wendy,” which just cast its leads.

Comic Book Resources would have it that Disney is now committed into filling out its cast for “Peter Pan and Wendy,” their live-action adaptation of the 1953 animated “Peter Pan” which in turn was based on JM Barrie’s original play. No less than the main characters mentioned in the title of the remake have finally gotten actors to portray them by Disney Pictures. Peter himself, the Boy from Neverland who would never grow up, will be played by young British actor Alexander Molony, while actress Ever Anderson plays Wendy Darling.

One of Molony’s recent roles was as Charlie on the British comedy series “The Reluctant Landlord” (2018) on Sky One. Anderson for her part has had the privilege of portraying child versions of characters played by prominent Hollywood actresses. First was Milla Jovovich’s Alice on the last film of the “Resident Evil” spinoff films; but she will be seen again this May as she plays the young Natasha Romanov (Scarlett Johansson) for Marvel’s “Black Widow.”

Filmmaker David Lowery has been tapped by Disney to direct “Peter Pan and Wendy.” He has already done work for the studio giant when he was director of the 2016 remake of the mixed live-action/animation 1977 musical movie “Pete’s Dragon.” Lowery is also teaming up with Toby Halbrooks to write the story, which will retell the Darling children’s adventures with Peter Pan in Neverland, and likely the building young-love attraction between him and Wendy. No further details, including release date, have been given so far.

Image courtesy of Heroic Hollywood