Disney has quite the region and national-based promotional machine in place when it comes to their movies both animated and live-action. For instance, in the Philippines where their animated films are not officially dubbed as with many other countries, the House of Mouse might still engage a local recording artist to sing a rendition of the movie’s theme. This happened with 2016’s “Moana” where Janella Salvador performed a Philippine-exclusive pop version of “How Far I’ll Go” (sung in-movie by Moana VA Auli’I Cravalho and original pop-wise by Canadian Alessia Cara) that played during the credits. This year they are repeating the promotion for “Mulan.”

CNN Philippines reports that Disney has taken on another Filipina recording artist to do a Philippine-exclusive interpretation of one of the key songs in their upcoming epic film “Mulan,” a live-action adaptation of the 1998 animated original. In this case, they are engaging Moira dela Torre to sing another rendition of “Reflection,” the emotionally touching “I Want” song sung in the original movie by Lea Salonga, with a later pop version by Christina Aguilera. This development was announced by Walt Disney Studios on their official Facebook page dated Wednesday, March 11.

The House of Mouse’s blurb about Moira being tapped to reinterpret “Reflection” described her as a “warrior in her own right” and a voice of her generation of Filipinos. Dela Torre has already sung the song live for Disney along with official recording, and it was stated that her version will be released this March 20, five days before “Mulan” starring Liu Yifei premieres in this country’s cinemas. Aside from the song, which might come out first as a single and a later add-on to the Philippine release of the “Mulan” remake soundtrack, there will also be a music video.

With this new bit of information, then the Philippine release of “Mulan” could potentially have no less than three interpretations of “Reflection” when it screens in theaters. There is already the re-recording by Christina Aguilera herself, plus a surprise rendition by Mulan lead actress Liu with an orchestral accompaniment. There is however the possibility that Moira dela Torre’s “Reflection” might overwrite one of these others, as they are all playing on the film credits the way Janella Salvador’s did on the “Moana” credits in 2016. We shall have to wait and see as Disney’s live-action “Mulan” premieres locally March 25.

Image courtesy of Orange Magazine