Ever since Disney acquired Marvel, just as its Cinematic Universe of superhero films was gaining plenty of traction and giving more brand recognition among fans, it was only a matter of time before Marvel characters would be integrated into the ultimate Disney entertainment experience: its theme parks. No less than three parks around the world are due to get their own Marvel-themed expansion area, primarily focusing on the top Marvel superheroes around (MCU-wise, of course), the Avengers. The one for Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort is opening in the middle of this year, and this week Disney Parks has graciously revealed what to expect.

A delightful sneak preview on the attractions of Avengers Campus, the upcoming new themed area in California’s Disneyland Resort featuring Marvel characters from the MCU, was shared by Disney Parks on their official blog this Wednesday, March 11. As stated, the new area is springing out of Disney California Adventure, having replaced A Bug’s Land which closed in 2018. Disney Parks’ Marvel Global Portfolio creative executive Scot Drake gave a walkthrough on what to expect in Avengers Campus, where DCA guests will be able to team up with Marvel’s Avengers and other heroes for adventures.

One central feature of the campus area is the so-called Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB), an (in-universe) organization of brilliant young inventors designing tech to help make anyone into a superhero. The core character here is Spider-Man, who will be portrayed by a suit actor and also an animatronic swinging up in the air, but all voiced by current (MCU) Spider-actor Tom Holland. A Spider-Man ride-through called “Web Slingers” would have guests interacting with the environment using web-shooters. Another must-have item from the WEB is a variety of remote-controllable Spider-Bots that can be customized in styles of various other Marvel superheroes.

Speaking of which, DCA guests can look forward to seeing the MCU heroes making regular appearances around Avengers Campus, not just the Avengers but also the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and the Wakandan delegation led by Black Panther, not to mention their many villains. Tony Stark, who as Iron Man kick-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will also be debuting an all-new armor for the area, the “Mark 80.” Merchandise (Funko pops, hoodies, drink-bottles, etc.) can be had at retailers like WEB Suppliers and Supply Pod, while Pym’s Test Kitchen and Shawarma Palace offer themed dining (especially the latter, being the Avengers’ “favorite” food).

Once Avengers Campus is officially opened, other Marvel attractions already operating in Disney California Adventure, such as Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT will be added to the total themed area. It all comes to a head with the big opening this July 18. Similar areas for Disneyland Paris (part of Walt Disney Studios Park) and Hong Kong Disneyland (expanding the Stark Expo) will open on 2021 and 2023 respectively.

Image from WDW News Today