There was a time perhaps, when it was still a new and foreign thing, that the idea of a digital media streaming platform sounded too expensive for a Filipino subscriber, if it was even available in that region then. With the rise of Netflix, for a time the streaming service with the easiest recognition, Filipino subscribers were soon able to avail themselves of content from that platform, priced accordingly to the Philippine market thanks to telecom companies and such. But Netflix is always looking for avenues to expand their user base. One idea is to implement a mobile streaming subscription plan. And the Philippines is one of these lucky markets.

ABS-CBN News reports that Netflix Philippines is one of five countries in the world that the global streaming giant, still going strong despite losing much licensed media to their respective creators’ exclusive streaming platforms, is introducing a mobile subscription plan for. This plan, allowing Netflix content streaming on smartphones and tablets, offers one of the cheapest monthly rates for digital media in the country yet, at P149 a pop. Netflix chose the Philippines as one of the target markets, says product innovation director Patrick Flemming, after determining that Filipinos spend 3.3 hours minimum everyday watching online content on mobile gadgets.

The terms of a Netflix mobile subscription plan are as minimal as can be for a P149 price. Available streaming content are at standard video definitions only (no HD and Ultra HD). In addition, the plan only works on the Netflix mobile app and not on a standard laptop/PC or internet-capable TV. Nevertheless, a mobile Netflix account will still offer the usual five individual profiles that the higher-tier plans have, the better to differentiate preferences of up to five users on a single mobile subscription.

Patrick Flemming is rather candid on the rationale for introducing the near dirt-cheap mobile monthly plan right now for the Philippines and four of its other markets. They believe the Filipinos are one of the most constantly-increasing numbers of long-term subscribers in the world at present, and Netflix could up that figure exponentially by offering an entry-plan rate even cheaper than Basic. And with more people feeling the need to stay home and hunker down in the shadow of the now-pandemic of novel coronavirus, the global streaming giant is only too happy to offer their content as both comfort and escape from the disease outbreak.

“We are happy to be there to provide that comfort,” says Flemming regarding its Asian user base, which provides 9% of Netflix subscribers worldwide. “Our product can provide some kind of escape from the pressure.”

Image courtesy of UNBOX PH