It stands to reason that the Filipino people, and perhaps people around the world, could really use a little bright spot in their lives right about now. And what can really brighten up Filipino showbiz fans more than a celebrity wedding? Surely we have not forgotten that major showbiz personalities Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati are getting married. They have been planning it since they announced the fact in October of last year. Their nuptials are so significant that the President and two of his predecessors are principal sponsors. It will be happening this Saturday. Or it would have if not for the dreaded COVID-19.

Rather necessary but still disappointing, the would-be married couple of Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati have decided to call off their wedding ceremony scheduled for March 14 according to The Manila Bulletin. One does not have to be a genius to understand that they did so in the wake of the rampaging 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak finally being declared to be a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. To that effect, the couple posted a notice on Sarah’s Instagram page, depicting the two of them in apparent wedding apparel (but barefoot for Richard), standing at a beach holding hands and looking at the horizon.

On the caption, Lahbati noted that she and Gutierrez have decided to move the wedding back to an indeterminate date in light of the recent situation, unstated but most definitely the 2019 novel coronavirus. They note that they do not want to put family and friends at risk in a large gathering while COVID-19 continues to pop up in new confirmed cases in the country. They did express appreciation for the organizers of their special day that would not be for now, as well as the guests who have already travelled to Metro Manila for the wedding at Shangri-La The Fort’s Bonifacio Hall this weekend.

Despite their matter-of-factness at the notification of the postponement, one might surmise that Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati are a bit let down at the fact that a March wedding is off. Their engagement was announced that month back in 2017. March was also the birth month of one of their sons. Had it gone on as planned, the entourage for the Gutierrez-Lahbati nuptials would have been a juggernaut of personalities from both the government and entertainment industry. For the latter it would have showcased solidarity between the couple’s current (ABS-CBN) and former (GMA7) networks.

The two have not pinned a new date for when they will get married for real, but they signed off their social media post with, “We only wish good health for everyone and we hope to celebrate with you as soon as things get better.”

Image courtesy of ABS-CBN News