ALA BOXING Promotions SHUTS DOWN after 35 YEARS of Champion Fighters and Global Cooperation


In 1985 a businessman established a boxing promotion in Cebu province. Headquartered in Cebu City, the promotion company, named after founder Antonio L. Aldeguer’s initials (ALA), quickly became one of the prominent promotions in the Philippines to push Filipino boxers into national, and international, spotlights. Champions such as Gerry Peñalosa and more recently the likes of Donnie “Ahas” Nietes have trained at ALA Gyms and boxed for the country under ALA Promotions. In a way ALA Boxing had become a major feature in the local boxing landscape, which is why its announcement that they are shutting down was a shocker.

According to CNN Philippines, ALA issued a statement regarding their closing of operations this past Tuesday, August 18. The company explained that their decision was imposed upon them by the one-two combination of a couple of factors. One, their major media partner in broadcasting their boxing matches on Philippine television has closed due to a non-renewal of license. To make things worse, the COVID-19 pandemic pretty much made staging of boxing matches with audiences a virtual impossibility. As a result, ALA Boxing has decided to call it quits and is releasing all fighters under their stable, to help them find other boxing promotions or managers that might take them in.

This marks the end of 35 years that ALA Boxing has contributed to the development of competitive Filipino boxing in their chain of gyms, and then pushing them to greatness against the best opponents the world can offer in their boxing events organized by ALA Promotions. The promotional arm has also had the privilege of collaborating with overseas boxing labels such as Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank Boxing. Their international events have been held in places as diverse as Sacramento, California to Dubai, UAE.

ALA Boxing’s announcement, given in the name of Antonio L. and son Michael Aldeguer, thanked their boxers and staff in both gym and promotion departments, and their partner international organizations for helping the company accomplish much for boxing in the country, “All these memorable events and accomplishments would not have been possible without all of you,” the statement said in conclusion. “We would like to thank you all very much from the bottom of our hearts for all your support for the past 35 years. We cannot ask for more.”

Image from – Cebu Daily News

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