Ever since they hit the scene in 2018, Korean-trained Filipino boy band SB19 has been proving again and again that even wearing a foreign vide and image a local can still be undoubtedly Pinoy in feel. It is not for nothing that the quintet has been the face of recent OPM subset “P-Pop.” Their style also makes SB19 pretty great for jingle-type ditties common in advertising and promotions. They have even been featured performers for super-show events under the e-commerce platform Lazada. It is no surprise then that they have been tapped for brand ambassadorial duties leading to a new campaign slogan for Lazada Philippines.

The Philippine Star reports that SB19 in collaboration with YouTube celebrity Mimiyuuuh are the performers for “#NasaLazadaYan,” the latest promo jingle for Lazada Philippines singing the praises of the online marketplace’s wide variety of products for online shoppers. And with a song comes a music video, posted on the official Lazada Philippines YouTube page last Tuesday, January 19. There SB19 and Mimiyuuh do a funky enumerative rap of just what stuff can be found and bought from Lazada in the country. Be it tech equipment, fashion items, accessories and even fresh vegetables, as the slogan puts it, “Nasa Lazada yan.”



SB19 can be counted on to express sheer energy and enthusiasm for whatever they may be singing about, feelings they can easily share with their listeners too. That is pretty much how Lazada Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Neil Trinidad describes the P-Pop group in action as their company’s latest brand ambassadors. In his words, “With their vibrant, encouraging and unique individual personalities, SB19 definitely lends their energetic and fresh youth to our already dynamic roster of ambassadors in the Philippines.” Add that to the growing trend of Filipinos preferring to shop online to minimize COVID risks, and Lazada Philippines looks to grow its market as more turn to their apps.

Their Lazada jingle is but the latest in a parade of Philippine product endorsements that SB19 is collecting at surprising speed. There was the “Pasalubong ng Bayan” ad they did for Dunkin Donuts during the Holiday season last year which was followed only a week prior by their Pepsi commercial where they asked viewers to “Sundin Ang Puso” when it comes to what cola to buy. The boys are only happy to hype Lazada Philippines next in their projects, as the e-commerce service brand is one they greatly admire themselves.Image: Lazada Philippines YouTube page