Since around 2011, when one thinks of the mobile operating system Android, you could not blame them if they perhaps got the munchies. That would be because most commercially released versions of Android for mobile devices were given dessert-related marketing names. Originally only devised for internal use and reference by developers at Google, the snack-themed version names became a hit with public users, spurring them to guess the new dessert name whenever a new release came out. The practice was ended in 2019 when Android 10 was released as-is. Still, the original internal use remained; 2020’s Android 11 was supposedly “Red Velvet Cake.” But what of this year’s Android 12?

The Verge reports that speculation has picked up again on what the internal development name Google has for the next version of the Android mobile OS that is sure to arrive later this year. Said snack-related nickname would, at least until two years ago, been also the official public marketing name for them. When Google made ready to release the milestone Android version 10 however, they dropped the (alphabetical) dessert theming except for within the development teams. Reportedly they were “quiche” for 10 and “red velvet cake” for 11. Android 12’s is apparently “Snow Cone.”

It was XDA Developers that shared this little tidbit, thanks to having a look at what source code Google has already come up with for Android 12. They had done it before with Android 11, and seen how some of the development branches in that source code were given the prefix “rvc,” aka “red velvet cake.” The Android 12 development branches got the prefix “sc.” That tends to mean two words, so it is less likely some one-word “sc” desert like “shortcake” and more “snow cone.” Then again, when Android 12 releases with a number, that point is rendered moot.

Still, even if Google no longer markets Android versions with yummy dessert names, they understand the user base really likes them. For that reason, they have kept the tradition alive by hiding Easter eggs in the official promotional stuff. Last year’s Android 11 was released with a 3D augmented-reality statue image of the number 11. Examining the statue close-up on AR would reveal that it has an actual recipe for red velvet cake on the side. Are we going to get a snow cone recipe with the Android 12 promotion? Let us wait on that.

Image courtesy of XDA Developers