MOIRA DELA TORRE Teaming Up with American Recording Artist PINK SWEAT$ for Upcoming New Song

One of the biggest masterstrokes a Filipino recording artist can do with his music is to collaborate on a song or more with a foreign act, but still be billed as the primary creator. There is no better way perhaps to highlight talent from this country as being equal to what the world has to offer. Last week, singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre teased that she is working on a track with a foreign artists, to celebrate three years following her first big concert. While fans speculated, the days went by until Moira finally identified her collaborator on social media Monday. has it that Moira Dela Torre was working on her new song, yet untitled, with the help of American singer-songwriter David Bowden, better known as Pink Sweat$. This was revealed when the Kapamilya artist posted a snippet of the track with her vocals and his on Instagram this past February 22. Apparently her biggest fans may have already cottoned on to her secret collaborator, as she made reference to them guessing right on her post caption. Dela Torre also promised that the completed song will be coming very soon.

Judging from the three lines or so from the attached audio, featuring Moira and Pink Sweat$ vocally harmonizing, the collaboration is sounding very promising. Then again, Bowden does have some memorable hits of his own since his debut in 2018, among them “Honesty,” “At My Worst” and “17.” If Dela Torre is looking to do something bigger than the splash that is “Paubaya,” then a duet with Pink Sweat$ is a pretty good combination for her next big song. One wonders how the music video for it will be done, as it will surely be a tough act to follow the “Paubaya” MV which featured Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

Image courtesy of Latest

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