There has been observed some conflicting perspectives on the part of the British public regarding the former Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry. On the positive side, he was after all marrying the younger son of the Prince of Wales, and was an American. On the negative, Meghan was mixed-raced with dark skin from her African-American mother, and divorced to boot. The later turn towards the worst in reception for her was cited as a factor in the Sussexes stepping back as Senior British Royals and moving to California. After laying low in 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan were interviewed by Oprah Winfrey this past Sunday, with some heavy reveals.

CBS News has the best bits of information gleaned from “Oprah with Meghan and Harry,” a CBS Primetime Special that aired March 7. First the legendary talk show host spoke with Meghan one on one, before Prince Harry accompanied his wife for a joint interview, all set at an open venue in Santa Barbara, California. There were several topics discussed: many of them ranging from shocking to grim, pertaining to how the British press and more importantly the Royal Family has treated Meghan and Harry.

Some tough statements regarding UK media were expected, but more attention-grabbing were the inactive Royal Couple’s opinions on how the House of Windsor approached their situation. Meghan recalled being secured in Kensington Palace with no means to go out if not for Royal Duties, nor non-approved communication. She also noted not being taught extensively in Royal protocol. More alarming was the reveal that during her pregnancy with Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, family members discussed how he would not be given a title, nor security detail, and worries that he would have prominently dark skin from his mother.

One major bombshell was Meghan’s admittance that she had entertained suicidal thoughts in the wake of her isolation and lack of meaningful support outside of her husband. For his part, Prince Harry was growing concerned that Meghan’s life with the Royal Family was echoing beats to that of his late mother Princess Diana, spurring their eventual decision in January 2020 to step back from Royal Duties, a move made permanent by the Royal Family the following month. Eagle-eyed observers would spot that Meghan was wearing on her left arm a bracelet famously worn by Diana.

Not all was doom and gloom during the interview however. The Sussexes opened up on how their actual marriage ceremony was officiated three days before the May 19, 2018 Royal Wedding, with their signed vows now framed at their home. Next, Meghan confirms that her current pregnancy is a girl. In the wake of the “Oprah with Meghan and Harry” special, the Duchess has gained support from prominent African-American celebrities appalled at the racial tension in the Royal Family. Amanda Gorma, inaugural poet for President Joe Biden; tennis superstar Serena Williams; Martin Luther King’s daughter Bernice King; and others have spoken out in supporting Meghan against the storm. The interview will air in the UK via ITV Monday, March 8.

Image from NBC News