For fans of Zack Snyder, his promised and fulfilled original cut (plus extras) of the 2017 DC Extended Universe movie “Justice League” feels so close and so far away. Yes, it is only just over a week before it premieres on HBO Max, but the sheer intensity of its promotion by Snyder and Warner Bros. (the latter after denying the “Snyder cut” to passionate fans for a couple years) has whipped up excitement. It has gotten to the point that a recent and quickly-resolved glitch on HBO Max had the DCEU followers in absolute frenzy, because it accidentally leaked part of the highly-anticipated streaming film.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that HBO Max gave viewers of the streaming run for the recently-released “Tom & Jerry” movie by instead showing them “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” some 10 days before its official premiere on the streaming platform. One Twitter user named Doug posted late Monday night, March 8, that he was going to watch “Tom & Jerry” on HBO Max but instead was treated to the first hour of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.” That was as far as the accidental stream got before the feed cut off.

HBO Max quickly released a statement owning up to the system error that let viewers see the Snyder cut when selecting “Tom & Jerry” for streaming. They did assure that the problem was corrected, but not before several other viewers go to check the bug for themselves. Even The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the error: They chose to stream “Tom & Jerry,” got an error message, and “Justice League” started playing instead. When the stream was paused, the HBO Max UI labeled the media as “Tom & Jerry. After the stream cut off, attempting to replay finally showed the proper movie, but the leak was out.

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is already being hailed as one of the biggest movies yet to come out, a far cry superior to its 2017 theatrical cut which was finished by Joss Whedon after Snyder departed for personal reasons. Commenters on social media are already calling the movie a true equal to anything Marvel Studios has done with the MCU. Now fans have to wait, for real, until March 18 to see the whole thing. The hybrid animated/live-action “Tom & Jerry” meanwhile, was released by Warner Animation Group February 26, which also started its one-month simultaneous run on HBO Max.

Image: Collider