In January of 2020, GMA Network premiered a new TV drama on its “Telebabad” lineup, a series adaptation of a film from 1984. “Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday” chronicled the story of two girls (played by Barbie Forteza and Kate Valdez) who find themselves compelled to carry on the vicious rivalry of their respective mothers (Snooky Serna and Dina Bonnevie) for another generation. Like nearly all TV programming of that year, production was halted by the COVID pandemic, restarting photography only in September 2020 and resuming airing only this past February. Following a possibly shortened episode run, the show finally concludes this Friday.

As reported by The Manila Bulletin, “Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday” will wrap up its series run on GMA7 this March 12. Considering the stoppage in production last year the soap ended up wrapping its story in only 63 episodes, but the conclusion is hyped up to be heartwarming by the main cast. Barbie Forteza, who portrayed Ginalyn in the series, remarked on how her fellow cast-mates and production crew grew close especially during the lock-in tapings in later 2020, such that she feels they have become one big family in the end.

Kate Valdez shares this sentiment, as she describes the making of “AWAB” as a memorable journey and bonding experience. “Of course, the time we spent together was short,” says Valdez, referring to the 2020 COVID-mandated production halt. “But it was a wonderful experience to be with all of them together in one show. I am forever grateful.” The fact that she could genuinely say this even as her in-series character Caitlyn helped sell the emotional quagmire regarding her once-friend/actually half-sister Ginalyn and their mothers, who have actually switched them at birth, is a testament to her acting and those who shared lead billing with her.

Forteza and Valdez are of course joined by Snooky Serna and Dina Bonnevie, as well as Jay Manalo and Migo Adecer in this Kapuso TV drama from the GMA Entertainment Group, under the direction of Mark Sicat dela Cruz. “Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday” ends Friday, March 12.

Image: MSN