In the 1990s, comedy actor Jim Carrey became widely known for three specific roles, as endearingly idiotic Lloyd of “Dumb and Dumber,” as Stanley Ipkiss and his shape-shifting reality-warping alter ego in “The Mask,” and first of them all as “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” With its one sequel in which he reprised the role, Carrey made the quirky but determined character of Ventura, finder of lost animals, a memorable and quotable part of American pop culture. Decades after the films and animated series spinoff, there appear to be some plans for the franchise and character to return, on Amazon Prime.

As told by Cinema Blend, some discussion is underway for a third “Ace Ventura” film, and it might even have a writing team attached to it. This was revealed this past weekend in which UK-based media distributor Park Circus gave a spotlight interview featuring production company Morgan Creek, which brought theater audiences “Ace Ventura” as well as “Young Guns” and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” A section, now excised from the original feature article on Park Circus’ website, noted that Morgan Creek plans to bring back “Ace Ventura” to Amazon, with the writers of the 2020 “Sonic the Hedgehog” film being tapped for the project.

There is speculation as to why Park Circus removed the reference that Morgan Creek was moving to make a new “Ace Ventura” for Amazon Prime Video with writers Josh Miller and Pat Casey on board. It could be that the studio felt it was too early to mention it, or that their plans have since changed (or canceled at the worst). It also makes no mention on whether Jim Carrey, who originated the role, would even return to reprise. That would determine if the original fans would bother to check it out or not bother.

Still, if an “Ace Ventura 3” is in the works, with the writers that made the “Sonic” movie a pre-COVID 2020 blockbuster, and Carrey himself back in the Hawaiian shirt, then it would echo another “distant sequel” comedy film that premiered on Prime Video earlier this March: Eddie Murphy’s “Coming 2 America” from Paramount Pictures. For the moment, as the actual mention of the project has been removed, followers will have to wait for word.

Image from Yahoo News