In the middle of this month, Samsung introduced to the world the latest models of their Galaxy smartphone line tailor-made for the mid-priced consumer. One might think that the Korean electronics giant is keeping the current global situation in mind, that they are putting their more affordable products in the spotlight since people are saving money for emergency in the ongoing pandemic. And while they have other new iterations of their gadgets ready to unveil to the public later this year, it appears somebody got the jump on them where their latest Galaxy Pad midrange models are concerned, as they have been leaked this week.

The Verge has it that the first images for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 have come out, courtesy of renowned gadget spoiler Evan Blass. This is the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which as the name suggest, is a low-end entry-level variant of the already mid-priced A7 from last year. Blass notes that the A7 Lite is coming out in the middle of 2021, around June, along with the Galaxy S7 Lite, which is a feature-light model of the high-end Tab S7 and S7+, like the Galaxy smartphones that the Galaxy Tabs are mirrors of.

Just how stripped-down is the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite? It has only one rear camera without a flash. Dimension-wise, diagonally the tablet is 8.4 inches. Spec-wise, there is only 5100mAh on the battery, 3GB of RAM and a MediaTek Helio P22T system-on-chip processor. There is nothing particularly beefy about the hardware, but if one is going for a Lite version, especially of an already midrange model, then they might not be sticklers for high-end features anyway. As for the S7 Lite, which Blass also spoiled in February, it is a dumbed-down S7:  4GB of RAM, 12.4-inch display, Snapdragon 750G processor, and Wi-Fi at minimum plus 5G-connectivity as a possible option.

Samsung fans can expect the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and S7 Lite sometime this June.

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