South Korean electronics manufacturer LG may be throwing in the towel when it comes to smartphones, but they do manufacture electronics and there are more of those. One of their little projects on the television front is a larger take on the now-abandoned phone concept with a rollable screen/body. With the LG Signature TV, it is about as big a flat-screen as one can expect, only that when not in use the screen rolls down into the boxy containment unit that serves as its base. LG may have finally made the Signature TV available in the US, but buyers will have to inquire about it.

The Verge would have it that LG Electronics is now adding on their official US website the option to “Inquire to Buy” that nifty roll-up flat-screen TV that they have been teasing for so long. South Koreans could finally buy the Signature since October 2020, but if American LG customers think that the $60,000 asking price LG proposed for the Signature back in January of last year is still a go, then they might be disappointed. The South Korean price for this baby is a hundred million Won. In dollars that translates to around $89,000.

Now, if a US buyer does take the plunge and inquire to buy the roll-up TV on LG’s website, they will be put in touch with a “custom integration specialist.” That probably means the set must come with some extras, and that translates to some additional charges on top of the expected $89 grand equivalent to its Korean pricing. Furthermore, one must consider that while LG Signature’s roll-up screen is bleeding-edge enough, in terms of image display power it lags behind the latest flat-screens to come out from the likes of their fellow Korean competitor Samsung, of the rigid-screen variety.

It is really up to a stateside customer if he really wants this nice concept by LG on minimizing space. Nothing does scream “the future” the way a roll-up flat-screen display like the Signature does.

Image courtesy of Digital Trends