In 2006, British satirical comedian Sascha Baron Cohen made the world laugh and react several other ways through his mockumentary film via then-20th Century Fox, featuring his satire character the Kazakh reporter Borat. The “Borat” movie (with the hilariously long title) made as much bank in the global box office as the controversy it generated (being savaged by the real-life Kazakhstan government and being banned in some Arab countries). Nobody expected a sequel (save for those starring other satire characters Cohen portrays in his shows), but “Borat Subsequent MovieFilm” came out October last year on Amazon Prime, even getting nominations and awards. But apparently there is more “Borat” in store.

IGN reports that Amazon Prime just released a trailer for what appears to be an extended cut of “Borat Subsequent MovieFilm” starring Sascha Baron Cohen, six months after its premiere on Prime Video. In keeping with the “franchise” and its extra-long title naming convention, the new cut is being called “Borat Supplemental Reportings Retrieved from Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine” (or just “Borat Supplemental Reportings” for short). As the tagline goes, “You’ve seen the moviefilm, now see the whole picture,” and there are some crazy never-seen additional footage there, as seen in the trailer.

On social media, the official Borat Twitter page had a now-removed tweet claiming that the extended cut was due to the production getting to see the “Snydercut” aka “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” on HBO Max. The trailer itself shows the extra scenes with stuff like Cohen as Borat doing a post-2020 US election report, a scene with Borat’s daughter Tutar (Maria Bakalova) asking a salon stylist to be made over like R. Kelly, and Borat chilling with some Conservatives who introduce him to an Amazon Echo smart speaker, and finally a scene of Cohen fleeing from the Olympia, Washington gun rally and briefly breaking character.

In its original cut, “Borat Subsequent MovieFilm” premiered in Prime Video to favorable reviews and a more mixed, rather than fully negative, reception in Kazakhstan, the country Sascha Baron Cohen lampoons. It won Best Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy) and Best Actor Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy) at the 78th Golden Globe Awards this past February, and is nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay at the 93rd Academy Awards later this month. No release date yet has been given to “Borat Supplemental Reportings” on Prime Video.

Image from New York Post

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