For many years now, one medical expert tended to be nicknamed as the “Doctor to the Stars” here in the Philippines. That would be Dr. Vicki Belo, US-educated dermatologist and founder of the Belo Medical Group, of which she serves as director and CEO. While initially a high-profile cosmetic medical expert with celebrity clients, Dr. Belo eventually came into the celebrity limelight herself as a TV personality at times. Unfortunately, her Belo Clinics across the country also felt the pinch of the COVID pandemic, complicating their operations. But the good doctor managed to find something meaningful to do by channeling her group’s medical experience to volunteering for a good cause.

GMA News reports that Dr. Vicki Belo and several other cosmetic physicians from the Belo Medical Group signed up as volunteer front-liners in the country’s intensifying fight against COVID-19. They did so by joining vaccination teams at vaccine sites in Makati, part of the NCR Plus bubble where the greatest number of infections in the Philippines are. Long adept in the handling of hypodermic syringes on account of their medical specialties, the Belo personnel with their boss at their head were practiced hands in administering COVID vaccines to their recipients.

Doc Belo chronicled her activities by posting an Instagram photo this past Tuesday, April 20, showing herself on COVID vaccination duty. The accompanying comment hinted that the celebrity physician has been musing over her life and her reasoning on why she does what she still does. “Recently, i’ve been thinking about my ‘why’,” writes Belo. “Being able to help others will always be one of them.” She then thanked her fellow front-liners at CSA Makati, stating that she was honored to help take the fight to the pandemic alongside them.

Needless to say, Vicki Belo’s contribution to the COVID vaccination campaign was positively received on social media, with quite the number of fellow celebrities and famous personalities leaving their reactions on the Instagram post. The Makati COVID task force is certainly grateful for her assistance too, given that on April 20 there were 7,379 new cases of the pandemic nationwide adding to a total of 953,106, according to data compiled by the Department of Health (DOH). The more Filipinos get vaccinated the sooner herd immunity can kick in to stop this runaway chain reaction of infection before the country’s medical infrastructure can be completely overwhelmed.

Image courtesy of Virtual Pinoy