In 2004, Jeff Lindsay’s novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” was released, bringing readers into the world of Dexter Morgan, a police forensic scientist who was secretly a serial killer, sating his murderous urges by killing criminals who escape the law. This book was adapted and expanded by Showcase into the TV series “Dexter,” which ran eight seasons from 2006 to 2013 and starred Michael C. Hall as Dexter. While the series finale confirms the antihero’s survival despite the public believing him to be dead, it seemed like a good place to leave Dexter behind. That is until Showtime announced their intent to revive “Dexter,” with a teaser to hype things up.

Collider reports that Showtime is all systems go towards the return of the serial killer of justice in a “Dexter” limited series, as indicated by a teaser they put up on the “Dexter on Showtime” official Twitter page dated Thursday, April 22. The caption simply read “Nature is calling,” referencing how Dexter Morgan’s killing sprees were driven by a voice in his head, the Dark Passenger. The preview itself makes reference to the end of the original series, and reinforces the concept that no matter what Dexter does, he will be spurred to kill for as long as he lives.

The teaser depicts an axe on a tree stump with a fire in the background, as Michael C. Hall, in character as Dexter Morgan, narrates that there was nothing like going back to nature – “his” nature, that is. Original “Dexter” series fans know that at the end of things, Dexter faked his death by sailing his boat into a storm, only to reappear under an assumed identity, working at an Oregon logging company and living alone in a trailer at the wilderness. Seeing the series logo written in blood on the snowy ground gives plenty of hope for the revival.

Showtime first announced the return of “Dexter” as a limited series on October 2020, and commenced production this past February for a premiere on Showtime in the autumn. Hall of course returns as the title character under longtime show-runner Clyde Phillips. Known cast members so far include David Magidoff and Clancy Brown as the antagonist.

Image courtesy of TVWeb