When The CW’s DC TV universe was kick-started by “Arrow,” the overall atmosphere of the franchise was serious, with occasional moments of humor. Then “Legends of Tomorrow” was premiered in 2016. This “Arrow-verse” series made the novel step of assembling characters from the other shows – “Arrow,” “Flash” and so on – and have them become a team that fights threats to the time-stream. What really makes legends stand out is that humor is a prominent component, even going into outright comedy as the seasons go on. With its sixth season premiering next month, The CW has released a “Legends” trailer that goes beyond funny to…just weird.

Entertainment Weekly tells us that The CW has just dropped their long trailer for the upcoming season 6 of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” and if you have already seen it and thought it “weird” then you have every right to say so. While the production team for this portion of the “Arrow-verse” has established the show as the strange corner thanks to time-travel shenanigans, the teaser for what comes next in the series really pushes the envelope on what to expect. From alien cocoons to alien burger patties to alien reality shows to…rip-off Disney animation, the Legends are going through the craziest adventures yet undertaken.

Right from the retro Warner Bros. Television logo and the grainy effects of old CRT TVs, one can tell that this trailer is out-strange-ing “Stranger Things.” A faux narration talks over sinister threats like aliens bursting from egg sacs to prey on people. Then it cuts to “Da Throne,” where an alien synthesizes “500,000 of Earth’s greatest vocalists” for a battle royal contest that does include “battle.” And then there is Big Bang Burger, a fast-food joint that serves alien meat in the patties that turn the customers into voracious burger-eating zombies, no joke there.

Underneath these often-incomprehensible scenes is an underlying storyline of the Legends team led by Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) searching for Sara Lance/White Canary (Caity Lotz), who was abducted by time-travelling aliens in the season 5 finale. And somehow in the course of their journey some of the characters are turned into animated cartoons. The Disney styling is deliberate as told by show-runner Phil Klemmer, who says the production hired some retired 90s-era Disney animators for that episode in question. And that, apparently is merely the beginning as to where things will go with the Legends.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will premiere its season 6 on The CW this May 2. Already the network has renewed the series for season 7.

Image from Screen Rant