Some celebrities in Philippine showbiz have been seen by audiences as they start out in one TV network or other, and over the years they grow into a star of his network, one who is guaranteed to renew their contract regularly to never leave home, as it were. One such star would be Bea Alonzo, who started out as a Star Magic talent on ABS-CBN since 2001 and pretty much stayed solid Kapamilya for some two decades. Then recently news broke that she has signed up with GMA7, and even got to do an interview with Jessica Soho regarding her network move this past Sunday.

It is that landmark moment, Bea Alonzo’s first official TV appearance as a Kapuso, which the actress commemorated on social media this Tuesday, July 7. According to GMA News, Alonzo posted a photo of herself on Instagram, from her interview segment on the primetime magazine program “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” which aired on GMA7 last July 4. Bea took the time to thank those who watched the program, and in doing so showed support for her transition to becoming a GMA talent, saying that her move across networks enabled her to learn more about herself.

“Big thank you to everyone who watched my ‘KMJS’ guesting (my first as a Kapuso) and for making it trend!” exclaimed Bea on her commentary for her Instagram post. “I am happy that I am taking this step and discovering a lot about myself in the process. Thank you!” Alonzo’s interview with Soho was done three days following the first official announcement of the former as a Kapuso last Thursday, July 1. The two talked at Bea’s farm in Zambales, where the actress has been busying herself with during the pandemic, and between her last commitments to ABS-CBN and the start of her GMA7 stint.

Image from Microsoft News