It probably goes without saying now that Nintendo’s current hybrid console-portable gaming platform, the Switch, has been one of the most revolutionary developments in electronic gaming. While not entirely graphically mind-blowing compared to Sony or Microsoft’s consoles, the Nintendo Switch’s versatility and wide offering of playability options for multiplayer fun have made it a hit. Since its debut in 2017 Nintendo fans have waited for what new stuff will come from the Switch vein, such as the handheld-focused Switch Lite in 2019. This year, just over four years since the Switch released, another variant with better display potential was unveiled.

Switch gamers say hello to the Nintendo Switch OLED model, introduced by the Japanese gaming giant this past Tuesday, July 6, as told by IGN. As pretty much stated, the new hybrid console variant uses an organic LED screen in place of the original Switch’s liquid crystal display (LCD). Furthermore, the display size of the main Switch unit is increased from 6.2 inches to a full 7 inches. The LCD-to-OLED transition has been one of the contentious issues from speculation on the new Switch model, as LCD, while cheaper, consume more power while OLED, while more expensive, draws much less.

Better display is not the only thing the Switch OLED has going for it. Its internal storage has been double from the original (32 GB to 64 GB), plus better audio functions. Aesthetically, its tabletop mode adjustable stand has been widened to make it more stable. The Switch dock, the component that turns the main until into a console, also gets a new wired LAN port, the better for multiplayer. The rest of the basic Switch’s functionalities and accessories carry over to the OLED model, which may come across as a minor glow-up that might discourage buyers to upgrade, but the graphical changes might just be enough to convince sales.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED will come in two bundles, one in the original system color scheme (black dock, red and blue joy-cons) and a new white version (dock and joy-cons). It is priced at $350 and will be officially released this coming October 8 at the same time as the latest iteration of a classic Nintendo franchise, “Metroid Dread.” Now the next item on the waiting list is the alleged 4K variant of the Switch, though how long that one may come, if ever, is up in the air.

Image courtesy of Dot Esports