Back in April, LG Electronics made its Signature TV, with the OLED screen that rolls up into its base when not in use, available for “purchase inquiry” in the US, following its commercial availability in South Korea since October of two years ago. The reason stateside LG customers must inquire to buy this appliance has never been officially clarified, though the pricing of the thing might have something to do with it. LG once floated the US price of $60,000, though its home price of 100,000,000 Won translates to higher, at $89,000. It turns out the stateside price is steeper.

According to The Verge, the LG Signature rollable TV, with its 4K OLED display, now has a plain price tag for prospective American buyers. They better have deep pockets too, as the Signature is now flagged at an even $100,000 per unit. That is notably even pricier than what the South Korean electronics manufacturer is asking for in its home country. But still, even at two years old (of commercial availability; the concept was introduced back in 2018) the Signature continues to pull that blatantly futuristic look that might be satisfactory explanation for why somebody should put down a hundred grand for one of them.

Then again, the impressive roll-up OLED screen is not the only thing the Signature has going for it. Sound-wise, the set relies on a Dolby Atmos housed in its cabinet base. Other features are Dolby Vision, 120Hz 4K for crisp gaming visuals, changeable refresh rate, low latency, and HDMI 2.1 ports. The screen is also good for more than just watching TV. It can also double as a digital clock, photo album and music station, with visuals provided by the display at a middle-mode (halfway between packed and fully-unrolled) that LG calls “Line View.” At least that is one alternate mode going for the Signature.

It has to be said, other than its roll-up property, the OLED screen of the LG Signature TV is already mid-range compared to the display quality of other, newer rigid flat-screen TVs. That includes even “regular” LG TVs that the company has rolled out following the Signature’s debut. It seems to have gotten to the point that the rolling screen is the main selling point of this appliance. At least the construction is sturdy enough that LG promises users that the screen will roll-unroll without issue at least 50,000 times. Signature TV US pre-orders begin in August via their website.

Image courtesy of PCMag Asia