While it builds on the earlier 2013 film “Man of Steel,” Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe fully began in earnest with 2016’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” It was here that actor Jason Momoa was revealed in cameo to portray Aquaman, DC’s underwater superhero, King of Atlantis with the power to talk to fish. Aside from this cameo, little was known about Aquaman’s DCEU characterization even in “Justice League” (2017), leaving it to his 2018 solo adventure to flesh him out. And it worked, such that a sequel was green-lit and began production this past June, with Momoa just announcing his participation has begun.

Entertainment Weekly tells us that the star of “Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom” has finally gone to join up with the rest of the Warner production in London, where principal photography has been ongoing since July 28 under returning director James Wan. Jason Momoa confirmed as much from a post on his official Instagram page, dated Sunday, July 18. “I am finally in England,” says Momoa. “It is sunny out. It’s amazing, and I’m going to start Aquaman 2 tomorrow.” By that it can be inferred that he will actually shoot scenes this Monday, July 19.

The “Aquaman” sequel sees most of the principal cast from 2018 come back, from Temuera Morrison portraying Arthur Curry/Aquaman’s dad, to Amber Heard as close ally/love interest Mera, to her dad King Nereus played by Dolph Lundgren, to even Aquaman’s half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) and current nemesis the Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). One notable cast edition is Pilou Asbaek, a fellow alumnus of Momoa’s from HBO’s “Game of Thrones” (Euron Greyjoy if you must know). Director Wan has already dropped a teaser of the London filming back in June, with a peek at the project’s working title of “Necrus.”

While the DCEU franchise is not quite as cohesive as the MCU of rival Marvel Studios and Disney, the crews and cast can certainly be construed as enjoying their work. Jason Momoa even got celebrities joining with fans in commenting on his IG post, for instance Dwayne Johnson, who is also part of the DCEU as Shazam nemesis “Black Adam,” starring in his own self-titled movie. No plot details have been revealed regarding “Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom,” though the subtitle hints at a setting related to the underwater realm of Atlantis that Aquaman now rules. The film premieres December 2022.

Image from Watch ON Streaming