It has been just over a week or so since Evan Blass, leaker of new things smartphone, particularly of Samsung, showed the online public images of a new unfolding phone-tablet, flip-top touchscreen smartphone, and more myriad devices from the South Korean electronics giant. The standard pattern for such major ahead-of-time reveals such as this is, if the leaks were legit then the actual company will announce a scheduled event wherein said gadgets would be officially introduced. And it seems Samsung sees no reason to deviate from this script. Users of the Galaxy line of phones, mark your calendars next month.

According to The Verge, Samsung has lined up its next “Unpacked” event this coming August 11. That was pretty much expected after tech reporter and leaker extraordinaire Evan Blass showed advance images of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 over the second weekend of this month. Soon, Samsung fans will get to hear the official tech blurbs for these new iterations of the Korean company’s folding OLED screen tech, cementing that these gimmick gadgets are no flash in the pan but an ongoing esoteric variation of the mainline Galaxy smartphone series.

In the same fashion as other “events” since 2020, Samsung Unpacked will be virtually streamed on their official website. Furthermore, they will again allow “advance reservations of their next flagship phone” from customers for the duration, along with other fringe benefits such as greater trade-in credit and discounted Samsung Care+ services for a whole year. Those are pretty alluring considering the upcoming “Unpacked” may not even be about their flagships (yet) but these foldable gadgets and related devices. Still, that may be enough to drum up interest in the new Z Fold or Z Flip, particularly how much they have been improved from their predecessors.

Meanwhile, new tech specs given out by Evan Blass about these new Samsung devices shed light on their increased capabilities. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 apparently has compatibility support with the S Pen Plus stylus, something Samsung has hinted at since the Z Fold 2. Next, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (retroactively designating the Z Flip 5G version as the Flip 2) has significantly upped the size of the closed flip-top screen. Both gadgets have gotten plenty of durability mileage out of Samsung’s usage of ultra-thin glass, but are probably still vulnerable to deliberate damaging.

Other new Samsung devices and accessories are also included in the possible unveiling this coming August 11, from two new Samsung Galaxy Watches to new Galaxy Buds. But the Unpacked event will certainly tell more.

Image courtesy of Laptop Mag