Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez has had quite the struggle for her love life. Three marriages ending in divorce and three serious relationships that never even got to the altar (one of them due to the pandemic) are nothing to sneeze at. One of her once-partners, whom she met on a film set in 2001, got to the point of a 2003 wedding date, which fizzled out due to “excessive media attention” leading to the relationship ending a year later. J-Lo described the debacle as her “first real heartbreak;” but as she celebrated her 52nd birthday this past weekend, hope surprisingly shone.

Yahoo News tells us that Jennifer Lopez has left hints at having rekindled her thing with actor Ben Affleck in a social media post celebrating her birthday last July 25, Saturday. A post on Instagram showed a series of photos of the now-52-year-old singer and recording actress flaunting a not-50s-looking swimsuit body accompanied by a short caption musing on what she wants to do that day. The first three photos were nice enough poses, but photo number 4 showed J-Lo in an embrace with the familiar figure of Affleck, with an epic smooch punctuating it.

The money shot is the culmination of ongoing rumors percolating throughout this year that Lopez might try for one more with Affleck after her most recent relationship with NY Yankees player Alex Rodriguez crashed this past April. Interestingly, the two of them got engaged and had a wedding planned that never panned out, similar to what happened with her and Ben nearly two decades ago. In Rodriguez’s case COVID-19 was the wedding-killer; in the case with Affleck it was the tabloid-generated fan frenzy over the so-called “Bennifer” power couple that soured them from continuing their wedding in September 2003, then breaking off in January 2004.

Such paparazzi-level attention is not unique to J-Lo, as it hounded Ben Affleck on his end too. When he married Jennifer Garner in 2005, the latter also commented on the fandom craziness, such as a time when she deliberately ran a yellow light to escape fans pursuing in cars only for them to blitz through the red light after her. It may be one of the contributing factors to her eventual 2018 divorce with Affleck. Ben was last spotted dating Ana De Armas (“Deep Water”) in 2020, but now it looks like Bennifer is going for Round 2. Time will tell how long this time.

Image courtesy of Page Six