In late 2019, Disney launched its exclusive streaming program Disney+; and while its international scope has yet to reach the levels of longtime global go-to platforms such as Netflix, it is slowly but surely getting there. With an expansive library filled with content from Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, National Geographic and Disney itself, Disney+ is certain never to be lacking for most subscribers in terms of stuff to watch. Promoting the streaming service and all it has to offer must be a pretty big deal too, so one must wonder what approach Disney is taking by drawing attention to a seemingly random social media account.

As Comic Book Resources would have it, Disney+ raised eyebrows on its official Twitter page this past Monday, July 26, when it advertised another (blank) Twitter account called “thestreamer” (@TheStreamer). Following the link to the streamer page sees that it was created just this July, and has no tweets yet, nor images such as a profile picture. It follows no accounts, yet at the same time its possession of a “Verified” blue Twitter check mark seem to hint that this is no random blank account. And Disney+ is not talking further, which may explain the reaction of their Twitter followers.

While nobody still has any idea what @TheStreamer on Twitter is all about, the fact that it was promoted by Disney+ felt reason enough to give the page a follow. As of now, @TheStreamer has over 8,500 followers while the Disney+ tweet that mentioned it has been liked over 3,400 times plus over 200 re-tweets and more than 400 quote tweets. Speculation of what this blank Twitter account really is have spanned theories ranging from side-promotions of MCU films and series, the reveal of new features in the Disney+ platform, or even to announce a secret mature-subscribers-only section of the streaming library for Rated-R content.

Which one will it actually be? Or did Disney+ pull an actual red herring on its Twitter followers? This @TheStreamer account must bear further observation.

Image courtesy of @disneyplus Twitter