Back in the 1990s, Philippine cinema saw the heyday of multitudes of films produced for mature audiences, featuring hot and hard-bodied young men and women in invariably sexually-charged storylines. Among the actors and actresses who became stars of these movies nicknamed “TF” (titillating films) are Leandro Baldemor and Priscilla Almeda. When the TF genre petered out both of them moved on to other things, but in a 2020 interview Almeda, who lived overseas for a time, expressed interest in returning to showbiz alongside Baldemor, who had been her TF costar several times. That wish may have come true with news that both of them are part of the “Lolong” cast.

GMA News has it that Priscilla Almeda and Leandro Baldemor, two prominent names of the old Filipino TF scene from decades past, are making their significant showbiz comeback in supporting roles for the upcoming Kapamilya urban fantasy drama series “Lolong.” Now significantly older than their steamy looks from so long, they are instead bring some grown-up energy in the characters they play, photos of which have been shared from within their locked-in taping location. Based on the clothes they are wearing, Baldemor appears to be cast as a farmer and father figure, while Priscilla is a teacher or public servant.

While the two stars enflamed the R-rated movie-going audiences in their heyday with TF titles such as 1996’s “Sariwa” and “Tukso, Layuan Mo Ako Part 2,” those days were not going to last forever. After a stretch of not receiving any projects, Priscilla Almeda departed for overseas, while Leandro Baldemor retired from acting and became a skilled woodcarver in Laguna. He was even featured in a November 2020 episode of a GMA7 morning talk show. Almeda for her part returned to the Philippines in 2020 with plans to get back in front of the camera. Now, both of them are.

And they are joined by a formidable supporting cast for “Lolong,” including Christopher De Leon, Jean Garcia, Malou De Guzman, Bembol Roco, Maui Taylor, Mikoy Morales and more. The main cast of the show however are Ruru Madrid as the titular Lolong, a youth with a mysterious connection to the gigantic crocodile called Dakila, plus Shaira Diaz and Arra San Augustin. Locked-in taping for the series only commenced this month, and the Kapuso network has yet to provide a specific premiere date for “Lolong,” other than a coming soon blurb.

Image courtesy of Microsoft News